Brooms by Jasmine Walls

Brooms by Jasmine Walls

Author: Jasmine Walls
View book: Brooms

In the 1930s deep in Mississippi, the use of magic is strictly regulated. Only a select few are permitted to perform magic, and broom racing outside of official channels is forbidden. However, for those desperate for money or seeking an adrenaline rush, the underground world of unsanctioned broom racing provides an opportunity.

Enter Billie Mae, the fearless leader of the Night Storms racing team, and her loyal companion Loretta, the trusted second-in-command. They are determined to earn enough money to escape to a western state where Black individuals can legally utilize magic and participate in national races.

Meanwhile, there’s Cheng-Kwan, adept at balancing the expectations of her parents with her true identity while participating in the dangerous world of racing.

There are also Mattie and Emma, the youngest members of the group. They are Choctaw and Black, constantly evading government officials who want to separate them from their emerging magical abilities by sending them to boarding school.

Lastly, there’s Luella, smitten with Billie Mae. Her own powers were sealed away years ago when she resisted the government’s control. She is willing to go to great lengths to prevent her cousins from enduring the same fate.

Brooms tells the captivating tale of a queer and mystical version of Fast and the Furious, shedding light on a lesser-known aspect of history. This graphic novel will enchant and captivate readers with its unique blend of adventure, magic, and social significance.

Room on the Broom: A Whimsical Adventure with Animals and Magic

The story begins with a witch who had two cats and wore very tall hats with long ginger hair on her laps. The witch and her cats sat on their broomstick and flew through the winds. However, they encountered a strong wind that blew off the hat, leading them to search for it but to no avail.

Just then, a dog named Hunter, keen and eager, appeared and asked if there was room on the broom for a dog like him. The witch happily welcomed the dog, and they continued their journey. Suddenly, a green bird with a bow in her beak emerged from a tree and asked if there was room for a bird on the broom. The witch gladly accepted the bird, and they flew on.

As they flew over the fields and forests, a stormy wind blew, causing the witch to lose her bow but continue onward. Eventually, they came across a frog with a dripping wet wand, who asked if there was room for a frog on the broom. The witch agreed, and they continued their adventure over the Moors and mountains.

During their journey, the broomstick became overloaded with the weight of the animals, causing it to snap. The witch, her cats, dog, and frog all fell to the ground. While they were searching for help, a dragon appeared, intending to have the witch as his next meal. However, the witch cleverly concocted a plan.

She filled her cauldron and asked everyone to throw something in. The frog found a lily, the cat found a cone, the bird found a twig, and the dog found a bone. The witch stirred the ingredients and chanted a spell, turning them into useful items for each animal.

The witch invited everyone to climb back onto the broomstick, and they continued their journey. They lived happily ever after, with each animal having something special made just for them.

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