Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide : How To Shoot Great Photographs With Any Camera by Bryan Peterson

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Photography Field Guide : How To Shoot Great Photographs With Any Camera by Bryan Peterson

Are you searching for a comprehensive photography guide that you can take with you wherever you go? Look no further! Bryan Peterson, a world-renowned photographer, instructor, and author, has compiled an all-inclusive field guide to help you improve your photography skills. Regardless of the camera you use or your level of expertise, this guide is designed to assist you in capturing stunning images. Say goodbye to confusion over exposure and gain a strong understanding of this essential aspect of photography. Furthermore, you will learn to develop your creative eye and compose images in unique and captivating ways. The secrets of mastering light will also be unveiled, allowing you to harness its magic to enhance your photos. Never again will you struggle to capture breathtaking nature, landscape, people, and close-up shots – this guide covers it all! In addition to these valuable techniques, you’ll also discover creative methods such as creating an illusion of rain or capturing ghostly effects. The guide goes beyond just practical instructions by providing indispensable advice on equipment, gear, and post-processing software. It is enriched with Bryan’s own awe-inspiring photographs, making it an invaluable resource that every photographer should have in their camera bag.

Overcoming Backlight Challenges: Shooting Portraits in Strong Backlight

This morning, I find myself in South LA, located in Dubai just west of Sheikh Zayed Road. As we shoot to the east, we’re faced with a strong backlight situation. So, how do we capture portraits against such strong backlight without ending up with underexposed photos?

Hi, I’m Bryan Peterson, the author of “Understanding Exposure” and “Bryan Peterson’s Field Guide to Understanding Photography.” Today, I’m here with a group of my students in Dubai as we tackle this very issue—how to achieve pleasing portraits when faced with strong backlight.

Manual Exposure Mode is Key

Rule number one in a situation like this is to shoot in manual exposure mode. By setting your camera to “M,” you have full control over the exposure settings.

Consider Depth of Field

Take a moment to determine if depth of field is a concern for your photo. In this case, it isn’t, so I choose to set my aperture to f/8.

Setting the Exposure

Now, here comes the critical part. Walk up to your subject and take a meter reading off their face. It doesn’t have to be in focus. With the reading, manually adjust the exposure settings. Here, as you can see, the face of my student is out of focus, but the exposure is correct—f/8 at 80th of a second.

Composition and Final Check

Once you have set the exposure, step back and compose your shot. Take note that your camera’s meter may start going haywire, warning you of overexposure due to the bright background. However, take a look and judge for yourself—I believe we have achieved a correct exposure, capturing the beautiful soft light falling on the model.

That’s how you solve the problem of shooting against strong backlight for portraits. Until next time, this is Bryan Peterson saying “You can shoot it!”

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