Buckets Of Money : How To Retire In Comfort And Safety by Raymond J Lucia

Buckets Of Money : How To Retire In Comfort And Safety by Raymond J Lucia

A Proven Strategy to Secure Your Retirement Savings

Are you questioning the longevity of your retirement funds? Worried about the impact of inflation on your purchasing power? Concerned about the unpredictable fluctuations in the stock market?

In his book, “Buckets of Money: How to Retire in Comfort and Safety,” renowned Certified Financial PlannerTM and radio host, Ray Lucia, presents a prudent and cautious approach to safeguard and grow your nest egg. With this strategy, you can enjoy a worry-free retirement, knowing that your finances are well-protected.

Lucia has honed his “Buckets of Money” technique over a successful three-decade career as a financial planner. This method offers a proven way to generate income and achieve growth while shielding against the erosive effects of inflation. “Buckets of Money” delves into intricate details, offering practical advice to evaluate your retirement status, accumulate the necessary funds to last a lifetime, and adapt your plan to both prosperous and challenging times.

No matter your age, income, net worth, or investment expertise, it is crucial to have a robust retirement plan in place. “Buckets of Money” equips you with such a plan and provides guidance on the most optimal way to execute it.

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