Buddhish : A Guide To The 20 Most Important Buddhist Ideas For The Curious And Skeptical by C Pierce Salguero

Buddhish : A Guide To The 20 Most Important Buddhist Ideas For The Curious And Skeptical by C Pierce Salguero

An intriguing and accessible introduction to the ancient spiritual tradition of Buddhism awaits those who seek a deeper understanding of their mindfulness practice or are simply curious about this path. If you’ve been discouraged by dense academic texts or lofty moral teachings whenever you attempt to delve into Buddhism, fear not. This is no ordinary introduction, free from syrupy maxims and convoluted discourse that may have become expected.

Buddhish invites complete newcomers to embark on an enlightening journey, providing an objective and concise overview of the tradition. It meticulously unpacks the profound truths encapsulated in the Four Noble Truths and demystifies the true essence of “nirvana.”

For those who have already tasted a morsel of Buddhism through mindfulness or meditation, this guide is a valuable resource that will broaden your perspective and deepen your understanding. Dive into the rich history of Buddhist traditions that greatly influence mindful practices, and create a more well-rounded and informed experience.

Buddhist scholar Dr. Pierce Salguero offers a unique perspective, viewing this complex tradition through the eyes of both a critic and an admirer. Drawing from personal experiences, including time spent at a Thai monastery and years living across Asia, Dr. Salguero weaves personal anecdotes into his study of Buddhism.

Prepare to embark on a journey that is not quite Buddhist, but “Buddhish.” Dr. Salguero imparts wisdom through engaging and light-hearted stories, breaking down 20 core principles of Buddhism, including:

  • Awakening
  • Suffering
  • Doubt
  • Karma
  • Buddha Nature

Whether you are new to Buddhism or seeking to enhance your existing practice, this book offers an insightful and enjoyable exploration of the profound teachings and principles that shape this venerable tradition.

Understanding Buddhism: Exploring the Complexities and Nuances of a Diverse Tradition

Welcome to The Mindful Cranks! In this episode, Dr. Pierce Salguero talks about his new book titled “Ish: A Guide to the 20 Most Important Buddhist Ideas for the Curious and Skeptical.” Dr. Salguero is a professor of Asian history and religious studies at Pennsylvania State University and is the editor-in-chief of the Asian Medicine Journal.

In this book, Dr. Salguero offers a tour of the vast terrain of Buddhist philosophical ideas and practices. He approaches the topic in a way that appeals to newcomers and skeptics, providing a balance of academic research and personal insights. Salguero’s background as a former practitioner of Thai medicine and his experience as a monastic in a Thai Buddhist Forest tradition bring a unique perspective to the discussion.

The book covers various topics, including the historical authenticity of the Buddha’s story, the concept of suffering (dukkha), karma, meditation, and the complexities of Buddhist identities. It explores the diversity of Buddhism across different cultures and times, emphasizing that there is no monolithic interpretation of the religion.

Dr. Salguero also addresses the question of whether one can achieve Awakening solely through meditation. He highlights the importance of study and understanding classical texts and commentaries alongside meditation practice. The book also touches on the potential adverse effects of intensive meditation retreats and the historical treatments for meditation sickness in Buddhist traditions.

The book concludes by encouraging readers to have an open mind and to explore Buddhism in their own way. Dr. Salguero emphasizes the importance of personal experience and encourages readers to form their own conclusions about the tradition.

Overall, “Ish: A Guide to the 20 Most Important Buddhist Ideas for the Curious and Skeptical” offers a comprehensive introduction to Buddhism, providing readers with a broad understanding of the tradition while highlighting its diverse interpretations and practices.

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