Build The Damn Thing : How To Start A Successful Business If You ‘ Re Not A Rich White Guy by Kathryn Finney

Build The Damn Thing : How To Start A Successful Business If You ' Re Not A Rich White Guy by Kathryn Finney

The Wall Street Journal Bestseller, highly acclaimed by Bloomberg, Fast Company, Masters of Scale, the Motley Fool, Marketplace, and more, provides invaluable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those from diverse backgrounds. Build the Damn Thing is an indispensable manual authored by visionary venture capitalist and pioneering entrepreneur Kathryn Finney. This battle-tested guide empowers individuals who have been excluded by the establishment to construct their own successful startups.

Finney, a renowned investor and startup advocate, offers a step-by-step approach to building a business from scratch. This comprehensive guide covers essential aspects such as crafting a business plan, securing investors, assembling a team, and refining products. What sets Finney’s approach apart is her emphasis on utilizing one’s unique networks and resources. She equips readers with effective responses to investors who may dismiss them based on stereotypes, encouraging them to overcome negativity while maintaining unwavering confidence.

Instead of waiting for the system to grant them opportunities, Finney urges entrepreneurs to break through barriers and create their own paths. This book is a must-read for all Builders striving to succeed in a world that often overlooks and underestimates their potential. It serves as an essential guide to understanding, challenging, reshaping, and ultimately succeeding within the established norms of entrepreneurship in a startup and investment landscape typically tailored for the privileged few.

Build the Damn Thing: Empowering Entrepreneurs to Overcome Barriers & Succeed

In her new book, Build the Damn Thing, Catherine Finney aims to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, particularly those from underrepresented communities. The book is a response to the lack of information and resources available for individuals who don’t fit the typical startup founder mold. Finney recalls her own experiences starting a business, navigating investor meetings, and the challenges she faced as a woman and person of color in the industry. She debunks the common myths that one must be technical or come from an Ivy League background to start a successful company. Finney emphasizes the importance of taking risks, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, and creating one’s own network. She encourages individuals to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed. Ultimately, Finney hopes that her book will empower readers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and reshape the startup landscape to be more diverse and inclusive.

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