Building Wealth One House At A Time, Revised And Expanded Third Edition by John Schaub

Building Wealth One House At A Time, Revised And Expanded Third Edition by John Schaub

Discover the ultimate guide to building wealth through real estate investment with Building Wealth One House at a Time, Revised and Expanded Third Edition. This comprehensive book by John Schaub is the bible on real estate investment and has the tools and strategies you need to buy and finance property to produce income and build wealth.

With 5 all-new chapters, this book helps you navigate the post-COVID market, offering advice on how to buy with cash flow in any market, negotiate benefits (not price), and how buying right separates the rich from the rest.

Learn how to choose houses that will make you the most money, how to know how much a house is worth before you make an offer, how to borrow without going to a bank, and more.

Upgrade your real estate game with Building Wealth One House at a Time, Revised and Expanded Third Edition!

John Schaub: Building Wealth One House At A Time

Hello everybody and welcome! Today we have a special guest, John Chow, who is an experienced and successful real estate investor. John will be sharing his insights and advice on investing in real estate.

About John Chow

John Chow has been buying and managing properties for over 40 years. He currently owns around 30 properties and manages them remotely with the help of the internet and his trusted contractors. Despite not buying as aggressively as before, he has built a successful real estate portfolio over the years.

Why Single Family Houses?

John believes that specializing in single-family houses is a smart choice because they are easier to manage and tend to attract more long-term and responsible tenants. He explains that managing apartments or commercial buildings requires a different skill set and expertise. By focusing on single-family houses, investors can become experts and achieve greater success in their real estate investments.

Tips for Success in Real Estate Investing

John emphasizes the importance of learning the basics of real estate investing and continuously improving your knowledge and skills. He advises investors to be cautious when buying properties, especially in a hot market, and to always consider the potential risks and returns. John also suggests diversifying your investments by using different accounts, such as Roth IRAs, to maximize tax benefits and create a secure financial future.

Lessons from the Past

Reflecting on his experiences during the last recession, John shares some important lessons he learned. He cautions against lending money to speculative investors and emphasizes the importance of not borrowing money to loan money to others. He also advises investors to be patient and wait for the right deal rather than buying overpriced properties in a hot market.

The Roth IRA Advantage

John highlights the benefits of using a Roth IRA for real estate investing, such as tax-free profits and additional creditor protection. He encourages investors to start a Roth IRA and utilize it as another savings account to accumulate wealth over time. By investing in real estate through a Roth IRA, investors can maximize their returns and secure a better financial future.

Final Words of Wisdom

John encourages investors to learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others. He advises finding a mentor or expert who has real experience in the industry to guide you and share their insights. He also emphasizes the importance of having fun in the real estate business and helping others along the way.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out John Chow’s book “Building Wealth One House at a Time” on Amazon. Remember, success in real estate investing comes from continuous learning, smart decision-making, and embracing opportunities.

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