Bull In The Darkness And The One- Eyed Dog : Scenes From The Life Of A Country Veterinarian by Robert T Sharp

Bull In The Darkness And The One- Eyed Dog : Scenes From The Life Of A Country Veterinarian by Robert T Sharp

Bull in the Darkness and the One-Eyed Dog: Scenes from the Life of a Country Veterinarian is the latest release by renowned country vet, Dr. Robert Sharp, known for his previous work No Dogs in Heaven?. In this captivating compilation, Dr. Robert Sharp shares a collection of remarkable stories that provide a glimpse into his encounters with rural animal patients. From beloved pets to fascinating wildlife, these heartwarming tales are bound to captivate readers.

This hardcover book is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring the untamed side of nature. With each turn of the page, Dr. Robert Sharp takes readers on a thrilling journey of discovery and adventure. The author’s exceptional storytelling abilities ensure that you’ll be hooked until the very end.

If you’re looking to add a new book to your collection and crave a touch of excitement and inspiration, Bull in the Darkness and the One-Eyed Dog is the perfect choice. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your shelves.

So, say goodbye to your old books and start a new adventure today with Bull in the Darkness and the One-Eyed Dog, available exclusively at your local 2nd & Charles store. Trade in your old books for cash and embark on this captivating literary journey.

20 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Film

Here are 20 unbelievable moments that were caught on camera. From incredible performances to funny mishaps, these moments will leave you amazed.

Sophie Dossie’s Unbelievable Contortion

World famous contortionist Sophie Dossie showcased her incredible skills during a performance at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

An Irish Weather Woman’s Musical Report

During a windy storm warning, an Irish weather woman’s report sounded more like a song as she advised viewers to stay safe.

The Intelligent Goats

Goats are smarter than you might think. Watch these alpine ibex effortlessly scale a near-vertical wall and make it look easy.

Mesmerizing Fighter Jet Landing

Experience the thrill of a skilled pilot landing an F-18 fighter jet on an aircraft carrier from a mesmerizing point of view.

Unlucky Basketball Cleaner

In a college basketball game, a cleaner had the fright of his life when possession suddenly changed, and he hilariously tried to escape the team’s attack.

Dog Fakes a Limp

Even dogs love attention. Check out this clever dog pretending to have a limp, only to get busted when a man tries to help.

Remarkable Wooden Instrument

A Japanese company built an extraordinary natural instrument in the middle of a lush forest. Each piece of wood produces a unique note, creating a masterpiece.

The Phone Rescue Mission

During a 7.1 scale earthquake, a woman’s priority was solely to save her phone as her backyard pool turned into a tsunami.

Mind-Boggling Pool Trick Shots

Florian Kohler, also known as Venom Trick Shots, showcases his incredible skill with mind-boggling pool trick shots.

Unlucky Fence Rest

When this guy tried to rest against a fence, he encountered some bad luck.

Caught Red-Handed on Ellen’s Show

A woman in the Ellen audience was caught taking multiple items from the free merchandise table. Ellen hilariously ridiculed her in front of the world.

Football Pitch Invaded by Dogs

In a rare football moment, three dogs invaded the pitch and caused chaos. The ball boys tried to chase them, but one player seemed to pick a fight.

The Limbo Queen

Shamika Charles set a new world record by successfully limboing under a car, taking the art of limbo to a whole new level.

Keeper’s Revenge

When a ball boy refused to give the ball to the keeper, the keeper decided to pay him back in a hilarious way.

Spectacular Drone Display

Over 300 drones illuminated the Seoul Olympic Park, creating colorful pictograms and messages of hope to inspire the public during the pandemic.

The Celebrating Ball Boy

After a goal, a ball boy ran straight to the celebrating team and got picked up by the striker. Share your craziest celebration in the comments!

The Slip and Nutmeg

After slipping while trying to return the ball, a ball boy embarrassedly compensated by skillfully nutmegging the goalkeeper.

Unconventional Martial Arts Move

In a surprising martial arts moment, a fighter picked up his opponent and dropped him off in the corner, a move that counted as a clinch, not a foul.

Hyper-Realistic Robotic Dolphins

A company that creates Hollywood props built hyper-realistic robotic dolphins as a possible replacement for captive animals in marine parks. Each robotic dolphin costs up to five million dollars.

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