Bullet Stops Here by William W Johnstone and J A Johnstone

Bullet Stops Here by William W Johnstone and J A Johnstone

Explore the captivating journey of Luke Jensen in the compelling 10th chapter of the highly acclaimed series, which has topped both the USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists. Luke Jensen, the sibling long lost to the renowned Mountain Man Smoke Jensen, takes center stage as he embarks on an arduous and perilous manhunt. Joined by an eclectic gang of inexperienced individuals, Luke sets out on a quest to capture Melichus, a remorseless outlaw with an extensive rap sheet of atrocities and transgressions. However, as the bounty grows larger, so does the danger. Brace yourself for an astonishing confrontation as Bullet Stops Here, penned by the brilliant William W. Johnstone, unfurls a saga fraught with bloodshed and unforgettable encounters.

The chase soon spirals into uncharted territory, fraught with deadly obstacles. Luke and his comrades find themselves entangled in tense encounters with Apache warriors and the formidable Mexican Army. Every step draws them closer to the brink of destruction. Join in on this gripping hunt, as the pages of this enthralling western adventure unfurl before your eyes, courtesy of Pinnacle Books and their Mass Market Paperbound edition of Bullet Stops Here. Secure your very own copy and witness the explosive climax when the bullet finally comes to a halt.

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