Bumping Into Geniuses : My Life Inside The Rock And Roll Business by Danny Goldberg

Bumping Into Geniuses : My Life Inside The Rock And Roll Business by Danny Goldberg

A titan of the music industry unlocks the doors to the realm of rock and roll, presenting captivating anecdotes from over three decades collaborating with iconic figures. Danny Goldberg’s profound impact on the rock and roll sphere cannot be understated. From serving as Led Zeppelin’s public relations representative, to steering Nirvana’s career, and overseeing operations at Atlantic, Mercury, and Warner Brothers, Goldberg boasts an unparalleled journey. In his enigmatic book, “Bumping into Geniuses,” Goldberg invites readers on an extraordinary backstage pass to the captivating universe of rock and roll. Highlighting forty years of collaborations with luminaries such as Patti Smith, Warren Zevon, Bruce Springsteen, Kiss, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, Hole, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, the Eagles, Susan Blond, Michael Des Barres, Steve Earle, Led Zeppelin, and many more, Goldberg’s tales transport us into the heart and soul of music history.

However, this account delves deeper than Goldberg’s diverse career; it also serves as a window into the industry itself – a intricate and tumultuous realm that intertwined art with commerce, and altruism with self-interest. Amidst the complexity, some of rock’s most gifted and influential musicians manage to transcend these boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Hello everyone and welcome! Thanks again for attending another author event at Google. Today we’re very pleased to welcome Danny Goldberg to the San Francisco office. Over his 35-year career, Danny has been an influential figure in the world of rock and roll. He worked in PR for Led Zeppelin, managed the career of Nirvana, and held positions at Atlantic Records, Mercury Records, and Warner Brothers Records. He also launched Stevie Nicks’ solo career and has now written a book called “Bumping into Geniuses” which tells the stories of various rock and roll legends such as Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Kurt Cobain, and more. Let’s give a warm welcome to Danny Goldberg!

“Thanks for having me. This is a history book that doesn’t talk much about the music business today. Although I still work in the business, I focus on managing a small group of artists. This book starts in 1969 and ends in 2004. Through my experiences working with the artists mentioned, I hope to shed light on what happened in the rock and roll industry during those 35 years. In the bookstores, I typically read an excerpt from the introduction and then open up for questions about the artists or the music business in general.”

One of the attendees asks, “You mentioned that Kurt Cobain was one of the geniuses you worked with. Can you expand on why you consider him a genius and how he compares to other artists?”

Danny responds, “Kurt Cobain was an incredibly talented artist who excelled in multiple areas. He was not only the lead singer and lead guitarist of Nirvana, but he also wrote the lyrics and the music. He had a deep understanding of rock and roll culture and the mass media. His performances were intimate and captivating. He had a strong creative vision and was involved in every aspect of his art, from designing album covers to writing music videos. He had a remarkable ability to connect with his audience and impact millions of people worldwide. In my opinion, he was one of the most brilliant artists I’ve had the privilege of working with.”

The discussion continues with questions about the music industry’s adoption of technology, the future of the industry, and the challenges faced by up-and-coming artists. Danny shares his insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of exposure, the evolution of marketing strategies, and the impact of the internet on niche audiences.

The conversation also touches on the marketing strategies used in the past for bands like Led Zeppelin, the humor and personality of Nirvana, and lesser-known artists that Danny has worked with.

Danny believes that while the music industry is changing, the desire for superstar artists will always exist. He suggests that the creation of superstars is driven by human psychology and not solely by technology or media fragmentation.

The event wraps up with a round of applause for Danny and a thank you from the Google team.

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