Buscando A Ashley/Finding Ashley by Danielle Steel

Buscando A Ashley/Finding Ashley by Danielle Steel

Discover the Emotional New Novel by Legendary Bestselling Storyteller, Danielle Steel

In her latest heartwarming tale, Danielle Steel introduces us to two resilient and courageous women who transform overwhelming loss into the possibility of a reunion.

Melissa Henderson was once a bestselling author. However, after the devastating loss of her son and the collapse of her marriage, she now channels her energy into restoring an old Victorian house. When a fire threatens the integrity of her beloved home and attracts media attention, Melissa receives an unexpected call from her long-lost sister, Hattie.

Absolutely determined to help Melissa move forward, Hattie persuades her to revisit one of the most painful chapters of her life. Together, the two sisters embark on a journey to Ireland, in search of the daughter Melissa was forced to leave behind as a teenager. Rebuilding their relationship and finding Ashley, the daughter they thought was lost forever, becomes their shared mission.

In “Finding Ashley,” Danielle Steel weaves a poignant narrative that explores the enduring power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

Danielle Steel’s New Heartwarming Novel: The Whittiers | GMA

Best-selling author Danielle Steel will soon release her heartwarming novel “The Whittiers.” Steel, who has sold over one billion copies of her books, recently completed her 200th novel. When asked about her secret to success, she humbly attributes it to prayers and a sense of luck. Interestingly, Steel reveals that her own family has not been avid readers of her work.

In anticipation of her new book, Steel discusses the plot of “The Whittiers.” The story centers around a family whose parents pass away, leaving behind a large, unconventional mansion for their six children. These siblings, ranging in age from 20 to 41, face the challenge of deciding what to do with the house. As they navigate their relationships and uncover hidden truths about themselves and one another, they are ultimately brought closer together.

While family dynamics are a recurring theme in Steel’s novels, “The Whittiers” holds a special place for her as it is dedicated to her own children. The author hopes that her work can help families understand and appreciate each other better, even in times of disagreement. Steel emphasizes the importance of family unity and cherishes the moments she shares with her children during the holiday season.

Aside from her work as an author, Steel is also a devoted pet owner. She confesses her love for her Chihuahuas and proudly admits to dressing them up in elaborate costumes, albeit to the amusement of some of her children. Despite this, Steel’s main objective as a writer is to offer readers hope, compassion, and a sense of happiness. She hopes that her books can touch the lives of those who may be feeling despair or loneliness, providing a source of inspiration and a renewed perspective on life.

As Steel gears up for the release of “The Whittiers,” she continues her hectic tour to visit her children in different cities. While Thanksgiving may not bring them all together, Steel looks forward to spending Christmas surrounded by her loved ones. As always, the author’s heartfelt stories resonate with readers, reminding them of the importance of family, love, and finding joy amidst life’s challenges.

“The Whittiers” will be available on Tuesday for readers to dive into the heartfelt world of Danielle Steel once again.

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