Busy Mom’s Guide To A Happy, Organized Home : Fast Solutions To Hundreds Of Everyday Dilemmas by Kathy Peel

Busy Mom's Guide To A Happy, Organized Home : Fast Solutions To Hundreds Of Everyday Dilemmas by Kathy Peel

Struggling with ways to minimize sibling conflicts? Wondering if you can throw a memorable birthday party without going over budget? Seeking ways to impart your faith to your children? When busy moms face these pressing questions, they need answers immediately. That’s where Kathy Peel, known as America’s Family Manager, comes to the rescue. In her book, The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home, Peel provides moms with quick and practical solutions. This easy-access reference guide covers a wide range of topics that concern moms who strive to be the best mothers they can be.

The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home is equipped with a comprehensive index, helpful checklists, and informative charts. Additionally, it offers an extensive list of online resources. With this go-to guide in hand, moms can go from feeling overwhelmed and perplexed to feeling confident and capable in fulfilling the important role that God has entrusted them with. So, whether you need advice on managing sibling disputes, planning cost-effective birthday celebrations, or instilling faith in your children, The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home is the ultimate resource.

Deeper Living: Kathy Peel, America’s Family Manager: The Secrets to a More Simple and Satisfying Life

Are you like me? Juggling a lot – family, work, home – trying to maintain balance in all areas of life? It can be overwhelming. But today, we have a guest who will share with us the secrets to making life simpler and more satisfying. Welcome to Deeper Living, where we bring you inspiration and insights from experts in various fields. Our guest today is Kathy Peel, known as America’s family manager, and she has written a book called “Desperate Households” which offers ten life-changing family management makeovers. Whether you’re struggling with clutter, lack of communication, or not having time for yourself, Kathy’s strategies can help. Let’s dive deeper into the topic with Kathy Peel!


Kathy Peel, a renowned family manager, shares her personal journey of starting off as a domestically challenged wife and mother. She didn’t grow up doing household chores and had to learn everything from scratch. Determined to be a good wife and mother, she educated herself on how to manage a home more efficiently. She realized that being organized and having a system in place is key to maintaining sanity in a busy household. Now, after 36 years of marriage and raising three boys, Kathy is passionate about helping other busy moms find balance and simplicity in their lives.

The Pivotal Moment

Kathy’s turning point came when she realized the chaos and stress she was creating in her home. Rushing through mornings, struggling to find clean clothes and food, and constantly feeling overwhelmed took a toll on her and her family. She didn’t want her children to start their days in a state of stress, so she knew something had to change. Additionally, Kathy’s background in business management and her experience working in retail stores taught her the importance of organization and efficiency. She saw the parallels between running a business and running a home, and this realization solidified her mission to share her strategies with others.

Managing the Home like a Department Store

Kathy introduces the concept of managing different areas of the home as departments. This includes home and property, which involves tasks like laundry and cleaning; family and friends, which focuses on relationships and child-rearing; finances, which deals with budgeting and money matters; special events, which includes holidays and birthdays; time and scheduling, which ensures everyone is in the right place at the right time; and self-management, which emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself. Kathy encourages families to have open discussions about what would make their home a good place to be for each family member. This approach allows everyone to have a say and feel valued in the management of the household.

The Value of Self-Care

Kathy emphasizes the significance of self-care in maintaining a healthy and functional home. Taking care of oneself is not selfish, but rather a crucial part of being an effective family manager. Just as CEOs and managers in the business world prioritize self-care, family managers should also recognize its importance. Without taking time for self-care, everything else in the household suffers. Kathy encourages women to let go of guilt and see themselves as valuable, deserving of self-care, and integral to the well-being of their families.

Sharing the Message

Kathy Peel not only wrote a book, but she also offers training and coaching for women who want to implement her family management strategies. She believes in empowering women to take control of their homes and lives. By providing practical advice and tools, Kathy wants to help families create peaceful and nurturing environments where everyone feels loved and supported. If you’re interested in learning more about Kathy and her work, you can visit the Family Manager website.

Remember, your home is more than just a place to live; it’s a haven where you and your family can thrive. By implementing effective family management strategies, you can create a simpler, more satisfying life.

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