Buy This, Not That : How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom by Sam Dogen

Buy This, Not That : How To Spend Your Way To Wealth And Freedom by Sam Dogen

Spend Your Way to Freedom Like a True Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen, the creator of the widely popular Financial Samurai blog, understands the fundamental principle that to make money, you must first spend money. With a readership of over 90 million, Dogen has successfully guided his audience in making wise investment choices across various aspects of life, including education, parenting, relationships, side hustles, and even selecting the right workplace and leisure activities.

Now, in his remarkable Wall Street Journal bestseller titled “Buy This, Not That,” the Financial Samurai simplifies the complexities of financial planning, unveiling precise recommendations on what to purchase, how much to allocate, and how to optimize every hard-earned dollar. This invaluable advice empowers individuals to maximize their wealth-building potential and live life on their own terms. The most encouraging aspect? You do not require excessive wealth or extraordinary intelligence to attain financial freedom. It is all about making your money work for you, both in the present and the future. And that journey can commence at any stage of your life.

Within the pages of this book, you will acquire knowledge on:

  • The Financial Samurai’s groundbreaking 70/30 framework for making optimal financial decisions
  • Distinguishing between “good debt” and “bad debt” and understanding the best strategies for debt repayment and investment
  • Effectively building passive income sources that align with your objectives and risk tolerance
  • Exploring real estate investment opportunities, regardless of financial limitations
  • Guidelines for intelligent spending, encompassing expenses such as coffee, automobiles, mortgages, and marriage
  • And much more!

Embark on your journey towards financial liberation today and discover the secrets to leveraging your money for ultimate independence.

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