Calorie Myth : How To Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, And Live Better by Jonathan Bailor

Calorie Myth : How To Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, And Live Better by Jonathan Bailor

In this groundbreaking weight-loss program, expert Jonathan Bailor challenges the traditional calorie-counting approach to weight loss. Drawing from over 1,200 scientific studies, Bailor presents evidence that focusing on the quality of food and exercise, rather than calorie quantity, is the key to successful weight loss and improved health.

Bailor reveals that not all calories are created equal. Some foods are utilized by the body to repair tissue, enhance brain function, and fuel metabolism, while others are stored as fat. By consuming higher-quality foods, such as whole plants and nutritious proteins, and engaging in shorter, intense workouts, individuals can achieve fat burning and maintain a healthy weight more easily and enjoyably.

In The Calorie Myth, Bailor explains how consuming high-quality foods helps to balance the body’s metabolic-regulating hormones, supporting weight maintenance. Conversely, poor-quality foods like sugar, starches, and processed fats disrupt the body’s regulatory system, hindering calorie burning and leading to weight gain. Bailor emphasizes that weight gain is not solely due to overeating, but rather the result of consuming the wrong foods and nutrients.

Bailor provides readers with practical advice on what to eat and why, including an eating plan, recipes, and a simple yet effective exercise regimen based on principles of high-intensity interval training. The goal is to debunk the notion that weight loss requires hunger or extensive gym sessions. The Calorie Myth introduced a radical approach to weight loss and long-term health.

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