Capitalist Comeback : The Trump Boom And The Left’s Plot To Stop It by Andrew Puzder

Capitalist Comeback : The Trump Boom And The Left's Plot To Stop It by Andrew Puzder

Andy Puzder, the former CEO of major fast-food chains Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, is a firm believer in the power of “capitalism” and is grateful that President Trump shares this view. According to Puzder, the president’s pro-business policies will not only revive our economy but also secure our future. As someone who has successfully led a restaurant empire, Puzder understands firsthand how crucial the profit motive is for the overall well-being of our country.

What distinguishes Puzder is his personal background: he is the grandson of immigrants, the son of a car salesman, and someone who has climbed the ladder from earning minimum wage to running an international business empire. This journey has given him a unique perspective on how America’s exceptional capitalist spirit can uplift every individual towards success.

The 2016 presidential election offered the American people a clear choice between two very different candidates. On one hand, Hillary Clinton, with a long history in politics, vowed to uphold and expand on President Barack Obama’s progressive legacy, which centered on wealth redistribution. On the other hand, Donald Trump, hailing from the business world and unapologetically capitalist, promised to “Make America Great Again” by drawing inspiration from his personal wealth.

By choosing Trump over Clinton, the American people effectively halted decades of government expansion under progressive leadership and potentially saved our economy in the process. America was once a land where individuals were encouraged to pursue their own fortunes, understanding that the more prosperous our citizens, the stronger our society as a whole would become.

Unfortunately, leftist forces in the United States have sought to demonize the pursuit of prosperity and portray profit as the motivation of greedy plutocrats. Puzder, having personally experienced a progressive smear campaign that prevented him from joining President Trump’s cabinet, understands this all too well. In The Capitalist Comeback, his new book, Puzder details the historical roots of the anti-profit movement in the United States – from the Progressive Era to labor unions, education, entertainment, and now the political landscape, with the rise of avowed socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders.

However, Puzder offers hope that under President Trump, these anti-profit forces can be defeated once and for all. The pro-business president has made it his mission to restore the prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit that once defined our great nation.

The Capitalist Comeback: Unleashing Economic Growth and Challenging the Left

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