Initial Impressions: ‘One Of Us Is Lying’

I’m the worst at keeping up with watching TV series. I watch when I feel like it to sometimes it takes me months (or longer) to finish a season. It might be a while before I finish OOUIL so I thought I would share my thoughts on the first episode.

One of Us Is Lying

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Rated: TV-MA


Mystery surrounds Bayview High when five students walk into detention and only four walk out alive, leaving one dead just as he was about to reveal life-changing secrets.

-First off, I hate the visual aesthetics of the show. It reminds me of (the very little I’ve seen of) Riverdale. It’s like a very over edited Instagram photo.

-I’m eternally frustrated with media’s choice of going over the top and forcing Mature ratings on adaptions. The book is a young adult book for teenagers. Can we please keep it at a TV-14 rating? Common Sense Media recommends it for 14+.

[Yes, there are some parents/caregivers that don’t care what kids watch. There are those that still enforce ratings though. Adults, if you’re really needing ~mature~ things in TV, go watch almost everything else on TV.]

-Everyone seems so old and mature. Nothing seems high school like. Has high school changed so much in the last ~15 years since I’ve been in high school? Or are California’s schools a lot swankier?

-It’s off to an intriguing start. I don’t know if I was new to the story if I’d want to continue though.

What are your thoughts on the FIRST episode?

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As a youth services ‘librarian’, I’ve been excited to share the BSC love with an entirely new generation of readers at the library with Raina Telegemeier’s graphic novels. Netflix does really well overall with their TV series so I was thrilled to learn they were going to reboot the series.

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