Chosen Soldier : The Making Of A Special Forces Warrior by Dick Couch

Chosen Soldier : The Making Of A Special Forces Warrior by Dick Couch

In the book “Chosen Soldier”, author Dick Couch provides an in-depth look at the rigorous training of the Army’s elite soldiers, the Green Berets. With America’s changing battle landscape, traditional military strength and advanced technology alone are no longer sufficient in the fight against terrorism. Now, more than ever, the country relies on the specialized skills and abilities of the Army Special Forces.

Couch takes readers on a journey alongside a class of soldiers as they navigate the physically and mentally demanding selection process and endure grueling field exercises. From the challenging selection process to the intense technical training and language courses, the author delves into the fascinating details of what it takes to become a Green Beret.

The book also explores the simulations and battle scenarios that test the candidates’ ability to gather intelligence and effectively negotiate with unfamiliar and often adversarial local leaders. Through these experiences, Couch paints a compelling picture of a highly capable group of individuals and the process that transforms them into America’s most intelligent, versatile, and valuable fighting force.

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