Crescendo : The Story Of A Musical Genius Who Forever Changed A Southern Town by Allen Cheney

Crescendo : The Story Of A Musical Genius Who Forever Changed A Southern Town by Allen Cheney

Experience a tale of compassion, extraordinary occurrences, and harmonious melodies, but above all, love. Born amidst unimaginable poverty during the trying times of the Great Depression, Fred Allen emerges into the world within the shadow of Georgia’s notorious cotton mills. Before the age of three, Fred demonstrates an incredible musical talent, flawlessly playing hymns on the piano. Even in kindergarten, he astounds adults with his mastery of Chopin. Unfortunately, Fred’s parents regard his genius as a curse, leading them to lock away the piano, tearing him away from his sole source of joy.

Plunged into a world devoid of happiness, young Fred falls into a deep abyss of negligence, desolation, and hunger. However, a glimmer of hope enters his life when Eleanor, recently released from prison for attempted murder, rents a room in his family’s crumbling dwelling. Under her watchful gaze, Fred finds protection, nourishment, and love. “You must find a way out,” Eleanor insists. “You were destined for so much more.”

Fred embarks upon an arduous yet miraculous journey, traversing prestigious institutions such as the Juilliard School, Union Theological Seminary, and Columbia University. Finally, he emerges into the professional music scene, achieving astounding success. Through a series of fortuitous events, he ties the knot, becomes a father and scholar, and gains recognition as a Grammy-nominated music producer.

However, tragedy strikes with staggering swiftness, and Fred’s past catches up with him, fracturing his family. He faces a heart-wrenching choice between pursuing fame and prosperity or prioritizing love.

Yet miracles are not limited to those with aspirations in grand cities. Amidst the ruins of his tumultuous history in Thomasville, Georgia, Fred and his resilient wife, Winnie, piece together the fragments of their shattered lives. In doing so, they encounter what may just be the most extraordinary miracle yet, not only for themselves but for the entire town. This awe-inspiring account will undoubtedly uplift all those who have dared to believe that their artistic talents can profoundly touch the lives of others.

Crescendo: A Southern Love Story

Welcome back to my book reviews! My name is Michelle, and I consistently give five-star ratings to the books I review. Today, we are discussing a very special book called “Crescendo” by Alan Cheney. This book tells the story of Fred Allen, a musical genius who forever changed the town of Thomasville, Georgia. Released on July 16th, “Crescendo” is a collaboration between Alan Cheney, Fred Allen’s grandson, and Julie Cantrell, a bestselling Amazon author who has written numerous books.

There are so many reasons why I loved this book. First of all, it is a perfect 336-page read. It has already received 41 five-star reviews on Amazon, even though it was just recently published. The blurb on Amazon describes it as “a story of mercy, miracles, melody, and above all else, love.” And that description truly captures the essence of this unbelievable story.

What struck a chord with me is that I have always wanted to write a story about my own grandparents, who were married for over 60 years. So, when I learned that Alan Cheney wrote a story about his grandparents, I was thrilled. Particularly, Fred Allen, his grandfather, is an extraordinary character. He was a composer who worked on Broadway and created famous soundtracks in the 1960s. Despite never hearing of him before, I found his story to be incredibly fascinating and inspiring.

The book’s prologue hooked me right from the start. It highlights how Fred Allen, a music teacher from Thomasville, Georgia, restored hope and believed in the worth of his students, even when they failed to see it in themselves. Born in poverty, his journey and the love story that unfolds between him and his wife, Winnie, will surely make you fall in love with them too.

Although I couldn’t confirm if a movie adaptation is in the works, I strongly believe that “Crescendo” would make an amazing film. The story has the perfect mix of passion, emotion, and inspiration that would captivate audiences.

Reading this book brought tears to my eyes, especially during the moments when Fred Allen’s words of encouragement reminded me of my own experiences as a teacher. The impact he had on his students, amid difficult circumstances, is truly awe-inspiring. This book is a testament to the power of one person’s belief in others.

If you’re looking for a quick, inspiring read, I highly recommend “Crescendo.” It just hit the shelves and is already receiving well-deserved praise. The cover is beautiful, and the collaboration between Alan Cheney and Julie Cantrell has created something truly special. Congratulations to Alan Cheney on this book’s success, and I hope it continues to touch the hearts of many readers. Have a wonderful day, and until my next book review!

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