Csb Kids Bible, Thinline Edition, Space Leathertouch by Csb Bibles by Holman

Csb Kids Bible, Thinline Edition, Space Leathertouch by Csb Bibles by Holman

The CSB Kids Bible, Thinline Edition offers an exciting and engaging way for young readers to explore the Bible. Packed with colorful pages and study aids, this Bible helps children understand and connect with the stories, people, and places of the Bible. Whether used at home, church, or school, the CSB Kids Bible, Thinline Edition is designed to grow with kids as they grow in their faith.


The CSB Kids Bible, Thinline Edition includes:

  • 40 full-color study pages and maps
  • Easy-to-carry thinline design
  • Summaries of Bible books and divisions
  • Bible skills checklist
  • Clear and easy-to-read 9-point type size
  • Two-column text format with topical subheadings
  • Words of Jesus highlighted in red
  • Durable Smyth-sewn lay-flat binding
  • Presentation page for gift-giving
  • The complete text of the highly reliable Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

One of the exceptional qualities of the CSB Kids Bible, Thinline Edition is the readability and reliability of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) text. The CSB captures the original meaning of the Bible while maintaining clarity, making it easier for both children and adults to connect with the life-changing message of Scripture and share it with others.

CSB Thinline vs Ultrathin Reference Bible | Comparison Review

Hello friends, in this article we will be taking a closer look at a couple of new Thin Line editions of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). I have always had a fondness for Thin Line Bibles, and these new editions from Holmen Bibles caught my attention. They are both affordable and stylish, so I wanted to do a full review of both versions to give you a better understanding of their features and design.

The Design

The CSB Thin Line and the CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible come in cardboard slip cases. The CSB Thin Line has a black/brown leather touch design, while the CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible comes in black leather touch. Both versions have a synthetic leather called “leather touch” by Holmen, which gives them a sleek and stylish appearance. The CSB Thin Line has a marbled look with a black and brown double stitch, adding to its attractive design. It has tooled ribs on the spine with the words “CSB Holy Bible Christian Standard” and a perimeter stitch around the outside. The pages have gold guilt, and it comes with a single black ribbon. The size of both editions is 5 and 3/8 inches wide by 8 and 1/4 inches tall, with a thickness of 1 inch.

The CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible has a black leather soft design, which offers a slightly different look and feel compared to the CSB Thin Line. It does not have the tooled ribs on the spine, but instead, it has gold lines. The interior of this edition has a unique feature – black perimeter stitch on the outside and red on the inside, which adds a touch of color. It also comes with a red ribbon and black and red tail bands, giving it a distinct appearance.

The Text and Features

Both editions use a Smyth-sewn binding and have gilded page edges. The CSB Thin Line uses the 2020 updated CSB text, which is typeset with the 2K Denmark Bible serif. It has a two-column text layout with a line at the bottom of each page for textual footnotes. The font size is 9 point, making it very readable. The CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible, on the other hand, has a center-column reference feature in addition to the textual footnotes. The font size is slightly smaller at 8.5 point to accommodate the extra content. Both versions have topical subheadings, headers, and verse numbers that are slightly bolded for easier navigation.

In terms of additional features, the CSB Thin Line does not include a concordance or center-column references. It is designed to be a compact and portable Bible. The CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible, however, includes a concordance at the end of the book of Revelation and center-column references throughout the text. This edition is ideal for those who want a small, compact Bible with study features.

Final Thoughts

Both editions of the CSB Thin Line Bibles have their unique features and design elements. If you prefer a compact Bible without the added references, the CSB Thin Line is an excellent choice. It has a larger font size and a simpler layout, making it easy to read and carry. On the other hand, if you need a reference Bible with additional study features, the CSB Ultra Thin Reference Bible is the better option. It has center-column references and a concordance to aid in studying the text. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences and needs. I would love to hear from you – which one do you prefer and why?

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