Dancers Among Us : A Celebration Of Joy In The Everyday by Jordan Matter

Dancers Among Us : A Celebration Of Joy In The Everyday by Jordan Matter

The mystery of the moving human body. The element of surprise when witnessing seemingly impossible feats. And the pure, optimistic joy that emerges from it all. Dancers Among Us presents a mesmerizing collection of photographs showcasing dancers engaging in leaps, spins, lifts, and kicks—all occurring amidst ordinary, everyday life. These captivating images leave the viewer exhilarated, eagerly anticipating the next magical moment.

Photographer Jordan Matter embarked on his Dancers Among Us Project by inviting a member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company to perform in unconventional settings. Clad in business attire, the dancer gracefully soared across a Times Square subway platform, capturing Matter’s long-sought expression of being fully alive in the present, free from self-consciousness.

Arranged thematically around concepts such as work, play, love, exploration, and dreaming, Dancers Among Us celebrates the beauty of life with an invigorating, inspired, and authentic approach. These photographs are devoid of any digital alterations, trampolines, gimmicks, or tricks. Instead, they present a fusion of the photographer’s vision and the serendipitous moments that occur when the shutter clicks.

Dancing Through Grief: A Story of Resilience and Tribute

In this article, I want to share with you an inspiring story of a dance artist named Jenai Johnson, whose journey proves that passion and perseverance can overcome any obstacles. At a tender age, Jenai was captivated by the rhythm and beat of music, which led her to discover her love for dance.

At just two-and-a-half years old, Jenai’s mother enrolled her in dance classes, realizing her natural talent and love for movement. Her late father was always by her side, supporting and cheering her on. However, tragedy struck when Jenai was five years old and her father passed away. The loss deeply affected Jenai, her mother, and her brother, but they found solace and distraction in staying busy with dancing, jobs, and acting.

Visits to her father’s grave became a way for the family to remember and connect with him. They would bring a picnic blanket and spend hours reminiscing, talking about their struggles, and expressing their love for him. It was a peaceful and comforting place for them, where they felt close to his memory.

In tribute to her late father, Jenai and her family decided to do a photo shoot at his gravesite. The resulting image became one of her favorites in her portfolio. As they were leaving, they were greeted by a beautiful rainbow created by the sun’s reflection on sprinklers, leading them to capture another meaningful photo for her collection.

Jenai’s journey has been challenging, as her mother, a single parent with two kids, struggled to afford her dance classes. Knowing the sacrifices her mother made, Jenai worked her hardest in every class, cherishing each opportunity to pursue her passion. Despite the financial constraints, she remained grateful for her mother’s support and saw it as a privilege to dance.

With time, Jenai’s dancing evolved from recreational to competitive. She started participating in competitions, pushing herself to excel and realizing that dance was her lifelong calling. Her brother, a supportive figure in her life, sometimes joined her in dance sessions, practicing their moves together. Although they had their sibling squabbles, their bond remained strong.

Thinking about her father’s spirit watching over her, Jenai found the strength and motivation to never give up on her dance dreams. She knew that her father would be proud and unwavering in his support. His presence became her motivation to work tirelessly, fueled by the knowledge that he was witnessing her growth.

In conclusion, Jenai’s story teaches us that passion, dedication, and resilience can triumph over adversity. She represents the countless individuals who find solace and empowerment through the art of dance. Let us take inspiration from her journey and always remember to pursue our dreams, no matter the obstacles we face.

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