Dark Of The Moon by Karen Robards

Dark Of The Moon by Karen Robards

Introducing the electrifying tale of illicit love, Dark of the Moon, penned by the remarkable wordsmith Karen Robards, as acclaimed by the Chicago Tribune. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Robards skillfully taps into the deepest desires of women, weaving a highly sensual story that captivates even the most discerning readers. Dark of the Moon unveils the thrilling narrative of a beautiful orphan and her perilous affection for a noble outlaw who rescued her from an unthinkable destiny. With fervent praise from romance luminary Johanna Lindsey, who exclaims her enjoyment every minute, this enchanting novel is guaranteed to transport you into a world of intense passion and exhilarating romance. Uncover the extraordinary writing prowess of Karen Robards and experience a love story like no other, as hailed by the Orlando Sentinel.

Writing Romance: From Classroom Assignment to Bestseller

In a graduate-level creative writing class at the University of Kentucky, I wrote my very first book. The assignment was to create fifty pages of something that could be published. The question was, what is considered “publishable?” Unsure of the answer, I ventured to a bookstore for inspiration. To my surprise, the shelves were filled with historical romances, a genre I had never read before.

Curiosity piqued, I took a couple of books home and immersed myself in their pages. They were captivating, enjoyable, and I couldn’t help but think, “I can do this too.” So, with unwavering determination, I poured my heart and soul into those initial fifty pages. They were filled with action, romance, and yes, plenty of sensual moments.

However, when the time came to read my work aloud in front of the class, panic set in. My mind raced with thoughts of embarrassment and self-doubt. But, I pushed through, earning an A for my efforts. Still unsure of what to do next, I took a leap of faith and submitted those pages, along with a brief synopsis, to a publisher. To my astonishment, they were interested and purchased my work.

With a mere six weeks to complete the rest of the book, I delved deeper into my writing. The final result was a novel that has now been in print for an impressive thirty-four years: “Island Flying.” Since then, I haven’t stopped writing.

Currently, I am working on a new project, set in the captivating landscape of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Having visited Alaska myself, I find it to be a breathtaking place, criminally underrated in literature. What sets this setting apart, however, is its alluring remoteness.

Writing romantic suspense or thrillers in the present day poses its challenges, mainly due to the ubiquity of cell phones. A simple tap on a touchscreen and help is readily available. But in the Aleutian Islands, that luxury is non-existent. The perpetual snowfall and isolation create a formidable backdrop for my characters, as they not only face off against the antagonists but also against the unforgiving elements.

This new book represents my ongoing journey as a writer, exploring new territories, both literally and figuratively. It is my hope that readers will be captivated by the unknown wonders of the Aleutian Islands, just as I was. Stay tuned for more updates and adventures to come.

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