Dark Spaces : Wildfire by Scott Snyder

Dark Spaces : Wildfire by Scott Snyder

Dark Spaces: Wildfire is an exhilarating new anthology series penned by acclaimed writer Scott Snyder, delving into the depths of our most primal fears. Transported to the scorching hills of California during the notorious Arroyo Fire, a crew of brave women participating in an inmate firefighting program place their lives on the line. As they navigate through the treacherous aftermath of the devastating blaze, a recent addition to their team stumbles upon an abandoned mansion. Seizing the opportunity amidst the smoky chaos, she suggests embarking on a daring quest for hidden treasures.

Yet, lurking in the haze is the enigmatic question: is the promise of unimaginable wealth a glimmer of fortune or a perilous snare? Dark Spaces: Wildfire ignites an unforgettable heist, brought to life by Scott Snyder and the visionary artist Hayden Sherman. Together, their art and stories will immerse readers in an enthralling expedition into uncharted territories.

This captivating five-issue series, published by IDW Publishing, is elegantly bound in paperback. Its timeless allure will make it a cherished gem on any avid reader’s bookshelf.

Scott Snyder’s Dark Spaces: Wildfire – Creator Spotlight

Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of IDW’s Creator Spotlight! I am thrilled to introduce the first book in IDW’s new anthology series, Dark Spaces. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Scott Snyder, an absolute legend in the industry. He is spearheading this exciting project with his five-part heist series. Let’s dive into the details of the first book, titled “Wildfire.”

A New Direction

Scott: I’m so excited about “Wildfire.” Lately, I’ve been working on big genre stories with supernatural and sci-fi elements. However, with this series, I wanted to return to grounded, personal, and dark human stories set in the real world. These stories are devoid of any supernatural or metaphysical elements, focusing instead on intense and dramatic narratives.

The Inspiration Behind “Wildfire”

Scott: The inspiration for “Wildfire” came from reading about injustice, particularly an article I came across by Jamie Lowe. It highlighted the experiences of women in convict firefighting units during California wildfires. These women perform incredibly valiant work, risking their lives to save others, yet they are often unrecognized and barely compensated for their efforts.

The Plot of “Wildfire”

Scott: “Wildfire” tells the story of four women who form a fire crew battling California wildfires. One of them discovers a hidden stash in a house up in the mountains. They have a limited time to decide whether to seize this opportunity or leave it. The story delves into the moral question of whether they should go through with the heist, unraveling with twists, darkness, and high stakes.

The Research

Scott: My primary source of research was the book “Breathing Fire” by Jamie Lowe. It provided vivid portraits of these incredible women and their stories. Additionally, I spoke to a friend who is a correctional officer, gaining insights into working with inmates and understanding their lives beyond their crimes. I wanted to focus on who these women are now and the challenges they face, rather than their past.

The All-Female Team

Scott: I am grateful for the opportunity to work with an all-female team on this project. It has been a lot of fun. I feel incredibly lucky to be paired with Hayden Sherman, the artist for “Wildfire.” Their art style is next level, and I admire their passion for pushing the visual boundaries when it serves the story.

Unique and Compelling

Scott: “Wildfire” is truly something different from my previous work. It’s a grounded, dark, and psychologically intense drama that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The collaboration, visually and creatively, with Hayden and colorist Ronda Pattison, has elevated the story to new heights. It’s a unique blend of mystery, thriller, and psychological exploration.

An Exciting New Chapter

Scott: One of the reasons I chose to work with IDW Originals is because it provides a welcoming environment for new talent. I am proud to be a part of this initiative that supports and celebrates emerging voices in the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we continue to bring fresh and remarkable stories to readers.

Don’t forget, “Wildfire” issue one will be available in stores on July 13th. Make sure to pick it up!

Thank you, Scott, for joining us today. It has been a pleasure. Bye, everyone!

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