Darkness Visible by Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David

Darkness Visible by Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David

Humanity faced an unprecedented challenge when the arrival of demons forced them to accept the coexistence of another sentient species. This reluctant acceptance has given rise to a seemingly endless conflict marked by acts of terrorism on both sides. Detective Daniel Aston, whose duty is to maintain peace as the intermediary, finds himself pushed to his limits when a demon takes possession of his very soul. In a desperate attempt to save his daughter, Aston is willing to go to any extent, even if it means unleashing a genocide. This book compiles issues #1-6, taking readers on a thrilling journey through a world torn apart by supernatural forces.

The Kill Lock: An Interview with Artist and Writer Livio Ramondelli

Thank you so much Lydia for joining me here on my small YouTube channel. I am honored to have you here today as we focus on your recent book, The Kill Lock. This chat is all about this hidden gem of a book, where the quality is extremely high and there is some excitement in the industry, but not as much as the bigger titles. The Kill Lock is your labor of love, a passion project that combines your interest in science fiction and your desire to tell a character-driven story. The premise of the book is fascinating – four very different characters, each with their own flaws, are bound together by a punishment. If one of them dies, they all die. This forces them to work together to stay alive, even though they would never normally interact in that way.

The story of The Kill Lock is deep and complex, exploring morally gray characters, their interactions, and the social aspect of their forced cooperation. It goes beyond the simple good versus evil narrative and offers a literary experience that is not often found in similar stories. The characters are flawed but likable, and their interactions create a depth rarely seen in comics.

Your background as an artist, particularly in working on Transformers, has influenced your work on The Kill Lock. You have traveled around the world for conventions and have seen how the perception of comic books differs from region to region. While certain characters like Batman and Spider-Man have universal appeal, there are also specific fan bases for franchises like Transformers and Attack on Titan. The global reach of comic book conventions and cosplay shows the widespread popularity of the medium.

The potential of comics as a storytelling medium is often underestimated. Unlike movies, comics have the advantage of unlimited imagination and budget. They can visually depict anything the creator wants without the constraints of CGI or budget limitations. Comics also require reader participation, as they have to fill in the gaps between panels with their imagination.

The Kill Lock exemplifies the potential of comics, with its deep storytelling, attention to detail, and carefully crafted characters. The complex personalities and morally gray nature of the characters make them relatable and compelling. The book explores themes of addiction, violence, and the human condition in a thought-provoking way.

As a creator, you have complete control over The Kill Lock. You are the writer and artist, allowing for a cohesive and consistent vision. However, this also means shouldering the burden of producing high-quality work on your own. The challenge lies in finding an audience for your original characters and making the book stand out in the saturated market. Word of mouth and positive reception are crucial for the success of independent comics.

While there is a market dominance of superhero comics, there is also a growing interest in more literary comics with complex narratives. Works like Preacher, Why the Last Man, and Saga have gained recognition in the industry and been adapted into TV shows. The key is to create something of high quality and let it find its audience over time.

As a reader, you find inspiration in both comics and novels. Your taste leans towards works that exhibit depth and complexity. Gillian Flynn, the author of Gone Girl, is a particular influence with her ability to create morally gray and questionable characters while still making them likable. Her storytelling techniques have influenced your own work, as has the visual style of director David Fincher.

The Kill Lock was a four-year journey for you, involving the careful crafting of characters and their interactions. The process included collaborating with a psychologist to ensure the authenticity and realism of the characters’ actions and motivations. Feedback from fans and analyzing fan art have deepened your understanding of the characters and their appeal.

While the pandemic disrupted the convention circuit and in-person feedback, you are excited to attend events like New York Comic Con and connect with fans in person. Seeing the response and meeting the people who have engaged with The Kill Lock is an integral part of the creative process.

Looking ahead, you hope for more opportunities to share your work and see it potentially adapted into different mediums. You have a project underway that you can’t discuss yet, but you are looking forward to more creator-owned projects and the artistic journey that lies ahead.

In conclusion, The Kill Lock is a labor of love that showcases the potential and depth of comics as a storytelling medium. Its morally gray characters, complex themes, and attention to detail set it apart from other titles. As a creator, your journey and growth have been reflected in the development of the story and characters. The book has been well-received, and you anticipate more engagement as conventions resume. The future holds exciting possibilities, and you have the drive and passion to continue creating high-quality works that resonate with audiences.

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