Defending The Constitution Behind Enemy Lines : A Story Of Hope For Those Who Love Liberty by Robert a Green

Defending The Constitution Behind Enemy Lines : A Story Of Hope For Those Who Love Liberty by Robert a Green

Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Hope for Those Who Love Liberty is a powerful tribute to the vision of our Founding Fathers and their invaluable legacy of freedom. Authored by Robert A. Green Jr., an active Navy Commander, this explosive exposé unravels the mystery and complexity surrounding the current crisis posed by the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It sheds light on the unwavering resistance of service members who, driven by their unwavering principles, refused to comply. The book uncovers the untold sufferings endured by these soldiers and their families, along with the detrimental effects on military readiness.

Within the pages of this hardcover, readers will discover an inspiring call to emulate the remarkable spirit of our Founding Fathers and steadfastly defend the Constitution that they sacrificed everything to bequeath us. Don’t miss out on this indispensable masterpiece that serves as a timeless reminder of the essence of liberty. Secure your copy now and forever preserve the significance of freedom!

A Review of 2 Important Books: Irresistible Revolution and Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to do something important: a book review. But not just one book, we’re going to talk about two books that complement each other extremely well. The first book is called “Irresistible Revolution” by Matthew Lohmeyer, and the second book is “Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines” by Robert A. Green Jr. I highly recommend both books.

Matthew Lohmeyer, a former Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, shares his perspective on Marxism and its impact on the American military in “Irresistible Revolution.” He believes that Marxism is not only at odds with American ideals, but also evil. Lohmeyer’s book provides insights into the dangers of Marxism and its threat to the American military.

Robert A. Green Jr., a Navy Commander, tells the story of individuals who stood up against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in “Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines.” Through personal stories and legal analysis, Green highlights the unlawful nature of the vaccine mandate and the courageous individuals who refused to comply.

Both authors emphasize the importance of American ideals and the Constitution. They draw inspiration from the founding fathers and stress the timeless principles that our country was built on. Lohmeyer and Green offer a critical perspective on the current state of the military and its divergence from these principles.

By reading these books, you will gain a deeper understanding of Marxism and its impact on the military, as well as the challenges faced by those who defended their constitutional rights. Whether you have a military background, are interested in American history, or simply want to learn more about these important topics, I highly recommend reading “Irresistible Revolution” and “Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines.”

Get educated, learn about American history, and appreciate the greatness of America’s founding ideas. These books serve as a reminder of the wisdom and beauty of our limited form of government and the importance of protecting our natural rights as U.S. citizens.

Spread the word and encourage others to read these books. They offer a unique perspective on the challenges facing our military and the need to defend our constitutional rights. Let’s learn from the past and work towards a better future for our country.

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