Desperate : Hope For The Mom Who Needs To Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson

Desperate : Hope For The Mom Who Needs To Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson

Desperate is a book that delves into the profound love a parent has for their children, while also exploring the moments of vulnerability, when tears are shed and prayers are made. It addresses the reality of deviating from the idealized notions of parenthood and feeling like the experts have no understanding of the unique challenges faced. The book offers a relatable story of a young mother’s personal journey through the desperate emotions of motherhood, accompanied by the gentle guidance of an experienced mentor, who herself has raised four children.

Additionally, Desperate provides QR codes and links at the end of each chapter, leading to videos where Sarah Mae and Sally discuss the chapter’s content. It offers practical steps to navigate through desperate times, along with bible study and journal exercises to encourage personal growth as a mother. The book also provides mentoring advice for real-life situations, and a Q & A section where Sally answers questions from readers.

The Struggle of Motherhood: Breaking the Cycle of Desperation

Down to the bone, to the deepest part of my soul, lies the love I have for my children. Every day of my life is imperfectly offered to them, but the little years are hard and oftentimes so lonely. It’s like there’s a secret that we fear sharing – just how life-altering motherhood is, especially when you don’t have training or support.

Let me pull back the curtain on the idea that just because you love and are thankful to be a mother, parenting will come easily or naturally. The lifetime commitment that is motherhood will, many days, stretch you beyond what you think you can handle. And we, as moms, don’t need another instruction manual – we need physical help.

If you are a mom of little ones and you don’t have much help, I know you’re struggling to breathe. Your days morph into your nights, and mornings come way too quickly. You’re exhausted and would give just about anything for a break, a soul-filling, relaxing, quiet break. I know what that’s like, I get it, I have been there.

But what if we didn’t have to do motherhood alone? What if older women were willing to invest in the lives of younger women? What if we realized that younger moms, older moms, and women in general need each other? What if it were possible that there could be no more desperate moms?

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