Devil’s Delight : An Agatha Raisin Mystery by M C Beaton and R W Green

Devil's Delight : An Agatha Raisin Mystery by M C Beaton and R W Green

Beloved best-selling author M.C. Beaton brings back the beloved and cunning Agatha Raisin in her thrilling novel, “Devil’s Delight.” Agatha and her trusty assistant, Toni, are headed to their friend Bill Wong’s eagerly-awaited wedding, their minds occupied with thoughts of the stunning bride’s gown. However, their peaceful drive takes an unexpected turn when a frantic young man appears out of nowhere, stark naked. This chance encounter sets off a chain of events that involves a nudist group, a vanishing body, a world of fantasy games and witchcraft, a successful ice cream empire, and a web of mystery and murder.

Meanwhile, Agatha’s chaotic life continues at a dizzying pace, with her detective agency swamped with cases and her personal life in disarray. She must juggle old flames and a potential new romantic interest while attempting to uncover a suspected killer. As Agatha closes in on the truth, she unknowingly puts herself in grave danger. The dark underbelly of the ice cream industry leads her to a bone-chilling realization…

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