Earthdivers, Vol.1 : Kill Columbus by Stephen Graham Jones

Earthdivers, Vol.1 : Kill Columbus by Stephen Graham Jones

The debut comic from the New York Times-bestselling author of “The Only Good Indians” and “My Heart Is a Chainsaw” transports readers to a dystopian future where marginalized Indigenous individuals bravely challenge history. Set in 2112, the world is succumbing to predicted devastation: receding rivers, rising oceans, and the collapse of civilization. However, a group of outcast Indigenous people have discovered a time travel portal hidden within a desert cave. They unveil an alarming truth: the turning point for their world’s ruin lies in America’s past.

Fueled by a desperate determination to salvage humanity, these courageous outcasts seize upon the notion that rewriting history is the key to salvation. They select Tad, a hesitant linguist lacking combat experience but grappling with his wavering moral compass, to embark on an arduous mission to 1492 – the year Christopher Columbus arrives in the so-called New World. Tasked with precluding Columbus’s fateful journey, Tad’s ultimate goal is to reclaim a brighter future for his comrades and the generations to come.

Yet, altering the timeline carries severe repercussions, and eliminating an icon as significant as Columbus is far from effortless. As Tad confronts the enormity of his mission and endures countless tests of commitment, the potential consequences weigh heavily upon him. Could his actions inadvertently summon an even more devastating destiny for his loved ones and the fate of humanity?

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding collaboration between Stephen Graham Jones and artist Davide Gianfelice through Earthdivers, Vol. 1 (comprising Earthdivers issues #1-6). This gripping ongoing sci-fi horror transcends centuries of America’s colonial past, revealing the immense power of history and the harrowing choices individuals make to survive it.

Earth Divers: Review of Stephen Graham Jones’ Graphic Novel Series

Hey, I’m back with a quick review of a short graphic novel called “Earth Divers Kill Columbus” by Stephen Graham Jones. If you’re a fan of Jones, you’ll definitely want to check this out. The story follows a character traveling back in time to try and assassinate Columbus. The book is set in the future and has a unique art style different from Jones’ previous graphic novels.

If you visit Amazon, you can see when the next installments of this series will be released. I’ve already pre-ordered all of them because I’m hooked. The cover alone is absolutely stunning. Currently, the characters are on their ships sailing the ocean blue in the year 1492.

So, if you’re looking for something fresh and exciting to read, give “Earth Divers Kill Columbus” a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. More updates coming soon. Bye!

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