Excel 2019 In Easy Steps by Michael Price

Excel 2019 In Easy Steps by Michael Price

This book provides a comprehensive guide for those who want to become proficient in Microsoft Excel 2019 in a short span of time. It caters to both beginners stepping into the world of this widely-used spreadsheet application and individuals looking to upgrade from older versions.

The content of the book ensures that readers swiftly grasp the intricacies and functionalities of Microsoft Excel 2019, enabling them to navigate through its various features effortlessly. Each chapter delves into specific aspects of Excel, offering step-by-step instructions and practical examples to support the learning process.

By using this book, users will be able to master essential skills such as creating and managing spreadsheets, performing calculations, organizing data efficiently, implementing formulas and functions, generating charts and graphs, and much more.

Furthermore, the book also covers advanced topics, including data analysis, pivot tables, macros, and automation, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of Excel’s capabilities.

With its user-friendly approach, this book ensures a smooth and efficient transition to Excel 2019, empowering individuals to harness the full potential of this dynamic spreadsheet application.

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