Frank Herbert’s Dune Saga 3- Book Boxed Set : Dune, Dune Messiah, And Children Of Dune by Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert's Dune Saga 3- Book Boxed Set : Dune, Dune Messiah, And Children Of Dune by Frank Herbert

Introducing a premium mass-market boxed set of the initial three books in Frank Herbert’s legendary Dune Saga, perfect for both avid followers and newcomers. In an exciting development, Dune has been adapted into a highly anticipated motion picture helmed by acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve, featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, and many more.

Set in a distant future on a desolate planet, the Dune Saga encompasses an extraordinary voyage. This collection comprises the first three captivating novels of Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking saga, which not only captivated the hearts of countless readers, but also became one of the most popular science fiction series ever published. The boxed set includes the following titles: Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune.

New Dune Collectors Editions

Welcome back to this article, readers! I am Brian Lee Durphy, author of The Forgetting Moon, The Blackest Heart, and The Lonesome Crown. Today, I am excited to share with you the new collector’s editions of the Dune novels that I recently received in the mail. These novels are truly stunning and I cannot wait to show them to you.

Some of you may already be familiar with the previous version of Dune, featuring blue end papers and beautiful illustrations on the inside. But now, the publisher has gone a step further and released two more Dune novels in these exquisite collector’s editions. Just take a look at how gorgeous they are! With their stunning wrap-around covers, shiny foil, and captivating illustrations, these novels are a must-have for any Dune fan.

The new editions of Children of Dune and Dune Messiah feature the same glossy blue cover and illustrations on the inside, both on the front and back. It’s truly a treat for the eyes. I am thrilled about these additions to my collection and I hope the publisher continues this trend with the remaining Frank Herbert Dune novels, as they would make a perfect set.

Imagine having all three versions of Dune, along with Children of Dune and Dune Messiah, displayed together. It would undoubtedly create a visually stunning collection. I am particularly delighted with this recent arrival, which came to me on a Tuesday in early April (I believe it was the third, fourth, fifth, or maybe even the sixth).

I apologize for losing track of the exact date, as my excitement has gotten the better of me. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this exciting news with you as soon as possible. These Dune collector’s editions are truly a treasure for any book lover and would make a fantastic addition to any bookshelf.

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