Furiously Happy : A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

Furiously Happy : A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

In her memoir, “Furiously Happy,” acclaimed author Jenny Lawson delves into her lifelong struggle with mental illness. One might think that a book about crippling depression and anxiety would be far from hilarious, but Lawson challenges that notion with her knack for terrible ideas. As she puts it, being “furiously happy” may seem like an excuse for recklessness, like inviting a herd of kangaroos to your home without consulting your spouse, but let’s be realistic—nobody would do that. Well, maybe just two kangaroos. After all, as Lawson muses, most of her favorite people are wonderfully eccentric—they’ve simply learned to embrace their flaws so honestly that it becomes their new normal.

Journeying through the pages of “Furiously Happy,” readers will discover the power of seizing those seemingly ordinary moments and transforming them into something extraordinary. These moments define us, and they become our weapons when our minds wage war on our own existence. This book unravels the distinction between simply “surviving life” and truly “living life.” It demonstrates that life’s simple tasks—like showering—can become whimsical adventures, like teaching your monkey butler to shampoo your hair. It’s about shifting from mere sanity to being “furiously happy.”

Lawson’s global following is a testament to her wit and honesty. In “Furiously Happy,” she exhibits her trademark humor, leaving readers laughing until they snort. But this book goes beyond laughter—it’s an exploration of accepting ourselves—both the beautiful and the flawed—and then embracing our individuality to find joy in the most astonishing and audacious ways. As Lawson’s mom wisely suggests, perhaps being “crazy” isn’t such a bad thing after all. Sometimes, being a little crazy is just what we need.

“Furiously Happy: Laughing Through Mental Illness”

English writer Jenny Lawson, also known as The Bloggess, is no stranger to the ups and downs of mental health. In her book “Furiously Happy,” Lawson shares her experiences with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, while using humor as a coping mechanism.

Lawson’s first book, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,” was a New York Times bestseller, and “Furiously Happy” has been recognized as one of the best humor books of 2015. In her latest work, Lawson embarks on a journey to find happiness amidst the challenges of mental illness.

Lawson acknowledges that depression and anxiety can be overwhelming and lead to dark places. However, she is determined to live a happier life despite these obstacles, and she shares her journey through amusing and sometimes serious anecdotes.

Lawson’s writing style is relatable for many readers, as she often discusses her own insecurities and fears. She encourages her audience to embrace their quirks and not be afraid of being different. She believes that humor can help diminish the power of mental illness and make it more manageable.

While Lawson’s writing is centered around her personal experiences, she also touches on broader topics such as imposter syndrome and the healing power of laughter. She shares stories of how humor has helped her navigate through difficult times and connects with her readers, who often respond with their own experiences.

Lawson’s honesty and vulnerability have resonated with many people who struggle with mental health issues. She reminds her audience that they are not alone and that it is okay to seek help. She emphasizes that everyone copes with their mental health in different ways and that finding what works for each individual is crucial.

Although Lawson does receive negative comments and criticism, she sees them as an opportunity for growth and understanding. She reminds herself and her readers that not everyone will appreciate or understand her work, and that’s okay. The support and connection she has found through her writing far outweigh the negativity.

Lawson acknowledges that creativity can sometimes ebb and flow, and that it is important to give oneself permission to take breaks and recharge. She encourages others to explore different sources of inspiration and reminds them that creativity will return in its own time.

In conclusion, Jenny Lawson’s book “Furiously Happy” is a humorous and heartfelt exploration of mental health and finding happiness despite the challenges. Lawson’s unique storytelling style, filled with wit and authenticity, has created a community of individuals who find solace and understanding within her words.

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