Gardener’s Bed- Book : Short And Long Pieces To Be Read In Bed By Those Who Love Green Growing Things by Richardson Wright

Gardener's Bed- Book : Short And Long Pieces To Be Read In Bed By Those Who Love Green Growing Things by Richardson Wright

First published in 1929, The Gardener’s Bed-Book is a beloved gardening classic written by the esteemed editor of House & Garden magazine during the 1920s and ’30s. Its collection of 365 carefully crafted essays is designed to be read at bedtime, providing a delightful and humorous companion for gardeners. With a charming and mischievous tone, Wright effortlessly transitions between offering gardening advice and contemplating subjects like antique collecting, travel, literature, and architecture. His captivating prose describes the challenges of growing plume poppies with the same skill as relishing in the simple pleasure of finishing housework. The timeless and alluring language of The Gardener’s Bed-Book makes it a must-read for both gardening experts and armchair enthusiasts. This edition also includes a new Introduction by Dominique Browning, the editor in chief of House & Garden and author of Around the House and in the Garden and the upcoming Paths of Desire: The Passions of a Suburban Gardener.

In this article, we will be discussing the joys of growing your own food and the satisfaction that comes with harvesting fresh produce from your garden. Join us as we explore the wonders of nature and the rewards of cultivating your own fruits and vegetables.

A Bountiful Harvest

Today, the family had a fruitful day in the garden. Mama retrieved a plump tomato, while Tony pulled out two vibrant carrots. Sarah scooped up three crimson cabbages, and Harry hauled in four crisp heads of lettuce. Dad grabbed five bunches of nutrient-rich broccoli, and Piper plucked six succulent strawberries. Grandpa picked seven remarkable onions, while grandma gathered eight delectable peas. Karl collected nine refreshing cucumbers, and the twins rooted up ten ripe radishes. Lastly, I carried eleven perfect peppers from the garden.

Fulfillment at the Table

Thanks to the bountiful harvest, the family now has twelve plates of a spectacular salad to enjoy. The flavors and colors of the garden have transformed into a delicious meal, providing nourishment and delight for everyone. From the earth to the table, the journey of each vegetable brings a sense of accomplishment and connectedness to nature.

A Remarkable Endeavor

From the Garden, A Counting Book About Growing Food, written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Todd Warren, offers a delightful exploration of the joys of gardening. This captivating book captures the essence of the garden journey and instills a love for nature’s bounty in readers of all ages. We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt and appreciate the beauty of growing your own food.

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