Gatherings : Casual- Fancy Meals To Share by America’s Test Kitchen

Gatherings : Casual- Fancy Meals To Share by America's Test Kitchen

The cooks from America’s Test Kitchen have revitalized the art of entertaining at home, offering 140 delicious recipes and foolproof planning strategies. Say goodbye to traditional party norms and embrace a memorable and stress-free dinner party that will leave everyone wanting more – including the host.

Get Ready to Shake Up Your Dinner Party Game

The talented cooks at America’s Test Kitchen are breaking free from the confines of their test kitchen to share their personal favorite ways of entertaining friends and family. Prepare to explore a brand-new collection of their own recipes, because even professional cooks like to relax and enjoy themselves when hosting at home.

Be Casual, Yet Elegant

Grilling expert Morgan Bolling takes a grill-smoked pork butt and transforms it into the star of a giant nacho spread. Avid gardener Jack Bishop reinvents late-summer produce, featuring a simple pasta and salad dinner that highlights the beauty of these ingredients. Matthew Fairman urges guests to dig in with their hands when they experience his Viet-Cajun shrimp boil.

Embrace Playfulness

Stephanie Pixley’s dumpling dinner effortlessly evolves into a make-your-own-dumpling party, inviting guests to get creative. Amanda Luchtel takes her hot dog spread to the next level, offering vegan-optional smoked carrot dogs and a variety of festive toppings. Mark Huxoll’s hearty Oktoberfest celebration can be enjoyed anytime for a blast of fun.

Go All Out

Joe Gitter pays homage to his heritage with a traditional British picnic, showcasing the best of British cuisine. Leah Colins does the same with her South Philly Nonna’s Sunday porchetta abbondanza, a mouthwatering feast. Steve Dunn creates a swooningly romantic dinner experience, starting with cocktails and smoked salmon kettle chip “blini” and ending with a make-ahead Napoleon that would be right at home in a pastry shop.

Upscale Your Game

The cooks generously share their professional tips, including game plans for each menu, shopping advice, make-ahead suggestions, setup recommendations, and serving logistics – all the practical information you need for a flawless and enjoyable gathering.

Maximize Quality Fun Time

Discover the cooks’ preferred store-bought hacks for effortless pre-dinner nibbles and desserts. Uncover their secrets to planning drink selection and quantities. And learn how to respond creatively when asked, “What can I bring?”

“Holiday Special: Celebrate with Delicious Recipes and Stories from the Cast!”

Welcome to a very special holiday episode of America’s Test Kitchen! In this episode, the cast is sharing their secrets to holiday planning and reminiscing about their favorite holiday memories. They are also sharing some delicious holiday recipes, including a beef tenderloin, roasted brussels sprouts, and millionaire shortbread. So grab a seat and get ready to be inspired for your holiday cooking!

Holiday Planning Tips

When it comes to holidays, it’s important to plan ahead and not be too ambitious. Make as much as you can ahead of time and utilize your freezer. Create a detailed schedule for your day, including what goes in and out of the oven. And don’t forget to relax and enjoy the process!

Favorite Holiday Memories

Each member of the cast shares their favorite holiday memory, from cooking a turkey that caught on fire to making a memorable beef tenderloin. They also discuss their favorite holiday traditions and dishes.


The cast shares their all-time favorite holiday recipes. Highlights include a delicious beef tenderloin recipe, roasted brussels sprouts, and a decadent millionaire shortbread recipe. Each recipe is described with enthusiasm and mouth-watering detail.


Whether you’re planning your holiday menu or looking for some new recipes to try, this holiday episode of America’s Test Kitchen is sure to inspire and delight. From planning tips to favorite memories and delicious recipes, the cast has you covered. So get cooking and enjoy the holiday season!

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