Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane

Half Moon by Mary Beth Keane

Author: Mary Beth Keane
View book: Half Moon

An engaging and captivating exploration of the institution of marriage, The Half Moon is a brilliant novel by the renowned author of Ask Again, Yes. Set in a small town, the story delves into the intricate dynamics of a couple as they navigate the complexities of their relationship, family, and unfulfilled desires.

Malcolm Gephardt, a charismatic and charming bartender at the Half Moon, has long cherished the dream of owning the bar. When his boss finally steps down, Malcolm seizes the opportunity to purchase the establishment. Filled with boundless optimism and a belief in the bar’s untapped potential, he embarks on a journey to transform it into a thriving success. However, he soon finds himself struggling to keep it afloat.

Jess, Malcolm’s intelligent and self-assured wife, has dedicated herself to her career in law. After years of attempting to conceive, she is forced to confront the possibility that motherhood may not be part of her future. Time slips away, and both Malcolm and Jess ponder how to reshape their lives amidst the fading glow of their youth.

Described as “a compelling and impactful read that lingers long after its final pages” (theSkimm), The Half Moon unfolds over the span of a week filled with shocking revelations for Malcolm and the unexpected disappearance of a patron from the bar. To complicate matters further, a blizzard descends upon the town of Gillam, leaving everyone trapped in place.

With her perceptive gaze and compassionate storytelling, Mary Beth Keane delves into the poignant disappointments and unforeseen solaces of midlife. She explores the multifaceted nature of forgiveness, the complex intimacy found in small-town existence, and the profound meaning of family.

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