I Guess I Haven ‘ T Learned That Yet : Discovering New Ways Of Living When The Old Ways Stop Working by Shauna Niequist

I Guess I Haven ' T Learned That Yet : Discovering New Ways Of Living When The Old Ways Stop Working by Shauna Niequist

When everything we’ve been holding on to falls apart, how do we determine what to keep and what to let go of? I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet, a New York Times bestseller, offers a fresh perspective on navigating through life’s challenges and transforming ourselves along the way.

Author Shauna Niequist found herself in a season of chaos, change, and loss after turning forty. The beliefs and practices that once served her no longer did. In her search for restoration, she realized that she needed new strategies: courage, curiosity, and compassion. Instead of seeking answers, she learned to ask questions. Instead of using force, she embraced forgiveness. Rather than striving, she found solace in tenderness.

In I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet, Niequist shares her personal journey from the Midwest to Manhattan and the power of unlearning what no longer serves us. She explores the uncertainties that come with midlife, heartbreak, and chronic pain. With honesty and grace, she reveals her experiences in:

  • Discovering new ways of living when the old ways no longer work
  • Embracing the challenges and joys of releasing our expectations
  • Deepening our trust in God’s goodness
  • Navigating grief, reshaping faith, and finding courage in difficult times

Praise for I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet:

“Gentle. Loving. This tender book encourages us to listen to our pain, embrace discomfort, and trust that God and others can lift us back to our feet.” – Kate C. Bowler, author of No Cure for Being Human

“This book is a masterpiece. It takes you on a journey and invites you to experience joy, heartbreak, and ultimately find hope.” – Annie F. Downs, author of That Sounds Fun

I Guess I Haven’t Learned That Yet: Navigating Change and Finding Grace

Today, we have a special interview with two renowned authors, discussing their recent book and their personal experiences. Shauna and her co-author talk about how their mantra came to be and how it helped them navigate a season of change. They also discuss the value of being open to learning and how it impacted their lives. The interview explores the transition from being an “answer person” to being an “I don’t know person” and the importance of being humble and open to new experiences. The authors also share their reasons for moving to a new city and the challenges they faced. They discuss the process of rebuilding oneself and finding a new identity in a changing environment. One important aspect they touch upon is the need to practice self-compassion and let go of negative beliefs about one’s body. The authors also talk about the power of prayer and forgiveness in their own lives. They emphasize the importance of hospitality and connecting with others, even in a fast-paced city like New York. The authors also discuss the joys and challenges of a long-lasting marriage and the importance of growth and change within a relationship. They offer advice on how to navigate difficult seasons in life, including reaching out for help and incorporating healthy practices such as walking and writing. The interview concludes with a reminder that personal growth and connection with others are essential and that no one should go through difficult times alone.

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