Icarus Plot by Timothy Zahn

Icarus Plot by Timothy Zahn

Author: Timothy Zahn
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A new science fiction series from the acclaimed author of the Cobra series and Star Wars’ Admiral Thrawn is here. In this thrilling adventure, a Trailblazer named Gregory Roarke is approached with a lucrative proposition. He is offered the opportunity to track down a mysterious woman called Tera and uncover a secret project known as Icarus. Intrigued by the challenge and enticed by the unlimited budget, Roarke accepts the job.

But there’s more to his motivation than just money. Roarke has a personal agenda – a chance for long-awaited revenge. With his Kadolian partner Selene’s remarkable sense of smell, they find themselves embarking on an exhilarating journey filled with action, suspense, and the secrets of the universe.

About The Icarus Plot

“This is Zahn at his best – with great characters, captivating settings, thrilling suspense, and an abundance of action and space opera fun. It’s a passion project for the author, and a must-read for Zahn fans.” – Analog SF&F

“The Icarus Plot brings delight to longtime Zahn readers while also catering to new fans. Zahn’s exceptional writing skills make for an entertaining experience filled with action. Don’t miss out on this pure, immersive fun.” – Warped Factor

“Timothy Zahn is a stalwart in the sci-fi genre, and The Icarus Plot exemplifies his prowess as a writer.” – Seattle Book Review

“For enthusiasts of noir sci-fi and espionage, this book is a must. It combines the gripping espionage of John le Carre, the deductive brilliance of Sherlock Holmes, and the captivating twists of The Sting.” – Upstream Reviews

About Timothy Zahn

“Zahn has once again delivered an action-packed military SF adventure in the final installment of the Cobra Rebellion series. Fans will revel in the variety of intense combat scenes.” – Publishers Weekly

“With breakneck pacing, Zahn keeps the story constantly moving, ensuring a gripping experience for readers.” – Sci-fi enthusiasts

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