John Ike : 9 Houses/9 Stories by John Ike and Mitchell Owens

John Ike : 9 Houses/9 Stories by John Ike and Mitchell Owens

John Ike: 9 Houses/9 Stories is a captivating book that presents a collection of nine distinctive architectural projects conceived by the renowned architect, John Ike. Each project is a testament to Ike’s creativity and talent, spanning from a charming shingled house nestled in a peaceful New York suburb to a breathtaking beach house overlooking the vast expanse of the Atlantic coast.

Through this remarkable book, readers are invited to explore the myriad ways in which architecture can manifest itself. The projects featured in John Ike: 9 Houses/9 Stories exemplify the incredible diversity and beauty that can be achieved through architectural design.

Mitchell Owens, an acclaimed author, provides an authoritative and insightful narrative that seamlessly weaves its way through the pages. Additionally, the book is visually enhanced with stunning photography that showcases every intricate detail of the architectural masterpieces. This careful curation of images perfectly captures the essence of each project and gives readers a glimpse into the collaborative process between Ike and the individuals who contribute to bringing his vision to life.

While this book undoubtedly appeals to architecture enthusiasts and professionals, it is also a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone with an appreciation for exquisite design. Every page of John Ike: 9 Houses/9 Stories invites readers to immerse themselves in the world of architectural brilliance, providing endless hours of enjoyment and wonder.

John Ike: 9 Houses/9 Stories pays homage to the profound connection that exists between the minds of creative individuals and the crafts they pursue. It celebrates the power of architecture to both inspire and provoke, leaving a lasting impression on all those who engage with it.

Nine Houses, Nine Stories | John Ike: The Architect’s Journey and Design Philosophy

Welcome to Decorating by the Book, a unique podcast hosted by Susie Chase, where we dive into the world of interior design literature. Join us as we engage in conversations with the authors of the latest and most exceptional interior design books. In this episode, we chat with John Ike, the author of “Nine Houses and Nine Stories.”

During our discussion, we delve into the design choices for the book’s cover and the significance of the color chartreuse. We explore the architectural inspiration behind the provocative image on the cover and the challenge of finding a design that best represents the work in the book. John shares how the book features nine of his recent projects and the organic process of narrowing down the selection of houses. We also touch on the importance of respecting the various collaborators involved in each project, from mentors to builders and clients.

Additionally, we learn about John’s new venture, Ike Baker Velton, which emerged after the split of Ike Kligerman Barkley. He talks about opening an office in San Francisco and expanding their work to different locations with the help of talented individuals who share the same vision. We also discuss the power of photography in capturing the essence of design and the careful styling that elevates the impact of each image.

The conversation moves on to the significant role played by Robert A. Baird in the Odd Fellows Hall project in Brooklyn, Maine. John reminisces about his relationship with Robert and the collaboration that resulted in the restoration of this historic building. Now an Airbnb, the Odd Fellows Hall stands as a beautifully preserved testament to their restoration efforts.

For more information about John Ike and his work, visit [Ike Baker Velton’s website]( Follow us on Instagram for updates and inspiring content. Thank you for tuning in to Decorating by the Book!

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