Kingdom Marriage : Connecting God’s Purpose With Your Pleasure by Tony Evans

Kingdom Marriage : Connecting God's Purpose With Your Pleasure by Tony Evans

Have you ever wondered what happens when a man and a woman who are committed to God come together in marriage? Kingdom Marriage: Connecting God’s Purpose with Your Pleasure provides invaluable insights for couples seeking to build a strong, fulfilling marriage that aligns with God’s design. With Dr. Tony Evans as your guide, you will gain practical wisdom and be inspired by powerful stories, embarking on a journey that will reveal the hope, challenges, and divine guidance that God’s Word offers.

According to Dr. Tony Evans, a kingdom couple has the potential to reflect the glory of God and the unity of the Trinity. By embracing a shared purpose, honor, and love, they can embody the qualities that define a true kingdom couple.

Kingdom Marriage emphasizes the importance of establishing a biblical foundation in our marriages. It explains that transforming our society and making a lasting impact starts with solidifying our marriage according to God’s intentions. Both husband and wife are called to mirror God and His image, faithfully fulfilling their roles and responsibilities within the context of His kingdom.

This book is a part of a comprehensive series by Tony Evans, which includes Kingdom Man, Kingdom Woman, Raising Kingdom Kids, and the Kingdom Quest strategy guides. It forms a collection of resources that equip individuals, couples, and families to live out their faith and apply biblical principles in their daily lives.

The Kingdom Wedding: Unlocking the Power of Marriage for God’s Purpose

Have you ever pondered why Satan never bothered with someone until they got married? It’s because the evil one was after something bigger than just destroying one person. Satan’s goal was to interfere with God’s plan. Most people enter into marriage seeking satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness, and while these desires have their place, they should not be the sole purpose of marriage.

God’s purpose in establishing the institution of marriage was to express His rule and history through it. The intention was that, through the marriage institution, families would be built that would positively influence society. However, Satan continues to try and thwart this divine purpose even today. He may even be working to disrupt the harmony in your own home or in the homes of those you know.

But there is a way to override Satan’s interference. When a couple enters into marriage with a kingdom purpose, they are operating in unity under God’s authority. They align their individual and joint callings with Him, allowing their true potential to be fully realized and utilized. It is through this alignment that they find the happiness they seek.

That is why we have written the book Kingdom Marriage. We aim to provide you with the kingdom perspective on marriage – reflecting God’s nature, demonstrating His rule, and enjoying happiness as a result. This book will help you understand the significance of marriage in the context of God’s kingdom and equip you to establish a thriving and purposeful union.

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