Make Me Yours, Cowboy by Dylann Crush

Make Me Yours, Cowboy by Dylann Crush

A popular country musician seeks solace from the demands of his career on Paradise Island, where he unexpectedly finds a source of inspiration that surpasses his wildest imagination. This captivating tale of romance brings together the worlds of music and love in an enticing story by the author of the bestselling novel, Kiss Me Now, Cowboy.

Knox Shepler, at the peak of his country music stardom, begins to feel a growing disconnect from the traditional country sound he once embraced. In an effort to appease his agent, Knox is advised to create a pop-crossover album while keeping his true musical passion alive by releasing a single that aligns with his roots. However, constantly pursued by paparazzi, Knox struggles to find the muse he desperately needs on the road.

Driven by a desire to rediscover his inspiration, Knox embarks on a journey to Paradise Island. To conceal his true identity, he assumes the role of a contractor. It is there that he encounters Claudia Alvarez, whose own life took an unexpected turn when a distressing video of her went viral years ago. Seeking refuge at A Cowboy in Paradise, where she works, Claudia suggests renovating the bungalows as a means to generate additional income and sustain the cherished haven she calls home.

As fate would have it, Knox and Claudia find themselves compelled to collaborate. In their shared experiences and determination, Knox reignites the passion that seemed to elude him. Simultaneously, Claudia discovers the importance of opening her heart to new possibilities. However, as their connection deepens and the truth slowly unravels, Claudia must confront her innermost fears and decide if she is willing to embrace a love that defies all odds.

In this captivating novel, music becomes the backdrop for an extraordinary romance, as two souls come together against the backdrop of Paradise Island. Will Claudia and Knox seize the opportunity for a love that transcends time, or will they let their fears and uncertainties keep them from experiencing a love that could last a lifetime?

Episode #112 – KG Fletcher & Dylann Crush: Country Music Dreams

Title: Romance Heavyweights Dawn and Dylan Discuss Cowboys and Country Music

by [Author Name]

In a recent web post, popular romance authors Dawn and Dylan sat down to chat about their latest books and their shared love for cowboys and country music. Dylan, known for her small-town romance novels, greeted Dawn, who writes romantic stories centered around musicians, with enthusiasm after a brief power outage. The two authors jumped right into discussing their upcoming releases and the challenges of writing during the summer months with kids at home. Dylan explained her struggle to find time to write during the chaos of family life, while Dawn shared her excitement about her upcoming book, “Make Me Yours Cowboy”.

Introducing KG Fletcher

Joining the conversation was KG Fletcher, a talented author known for her contemporary romance novels set in small towns. She shared her love for writing about musicians and the inspiration she draws from her own experience as a professional singer. KG Fletcher has a particular fondness for swoon-inducing heroes and happily-ever-after endings, which she currently enjoys in her own 32-year-long marriage.

The Excitement of Unexpected Encounters

Dylan then read an exciting passage from her novel, “Breathless Love”, in which the main character, Hank, encounters LMA, a t-shirt seller at a concert. The two strike up a conversation, and there is an instant connection. The scene ends with the promise of further encounters and potential collaboration.

A Teasing Mishap and a Fresh Start

Next, it was Dylan’s turn to read an enticing excerpt from her book, “McNair’s Cowboy”. The passage featured a mishap in the shower room, where Claudia, the protagonist, accidentally encounters a half-naked stranger, Nolan. The awkward encounter leads to a slow-building attraction between the two characters, and they decide to start fresh and get to know each other better.

Counting Favorite Tropes

Before wrapping up the discussion, the authors shared their favorite tropes in romance novels. KG Fletcher mentioned her love for musicians, small towns, friends-to-lovers, and second-chance romances. Dylan echoed her sentiment, adding that she also enjoys enemies-to-lovers plotlines. They both agreed that there are very few tropes that they dislike or haven’t explored in their writing.

The conversation ended with the announcement of the giveaway prizes: KG Fletcher would be giving away an eBook copy of “Breathless Love”, while Dylan offered a signed copy of “Make Me Yours Cowboy”. Interested readers could enter both giveaways on the Romance Webinar Facebook page.

Overall, the discussion between these talented authors showcased their passion for writing and their ability to create swoon-worthy romantic stories filled with country music and cowboy charm.

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