Make This Book Wild by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield

Make This Book Wild by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield

Are you looking for a unique and creative way to inspire your child’s love for the outdoors? Look no further! The authors of beloved outdoor adventure books, including The Stick Book, have created an interactive scrapbook that is sure to ignite your child’s imagination.

This one-of-a-kind book is packed with prompts and activities that encourage creativity and self-expression. From drawing to writing to mixed-media collage, children will have a blast exploring their artistic side while being inspired by the natural world.

Let your child’s creativity run wild as they create their own personal masterpiece. All they will need is their imagination and a few simple materials like scissors, pens, paint, tape, glue, and a magnifying glass. Plus, they can add in any wild materials they find on their outdoor adventures to make their book truly unique.

This book is filled with endless opportunities for fun and entertainment. Your child can discover hidden faces in pictures of trees, collect ingredients for a nature-inspired spell, or even stick feathers back onto a mythical bird. The prompts and activities will take them on exciting flights of fantasy through the natural world.

One of the best parts of this book is that there are no rules! Children can color outside the lines, complete activities in any order, and go at their own pace. The mixture of art, creative writing, collecting, games, wildlife-watching, and imaginative prompts ensures that kids with all kinds of interests will find something they love.

So, if you’re looking to encourage your child’s creativity, curiosity, and love for the outdoors, this book is the perfect companion. Get ready for hours of entertainment and endless possibilities!

The Stick Book: A Fun Guide for Creative Outdoor Play

It’s time for another fun finds product review from Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine! Today, we’re diving into a review of the Stick Book by Joe Shofield and Fiona Danks. This unique book takes the humble stick and elevates it to new heights, showcasing 70 different ways you can use it. Whether it’s building fires, creating jewelry, or engaging in outdoor play, this guide has got you covered.

With vibrant photos and easy-to-follow instructions, the Stick Book is perfect for families on the go. The authors provide a wealth of suggestions for creative and imaginative play, including games and music. Each project is rated by complexity, allowing children to progress and take on more challenging activities.

This book is an ideal tool for families looking for collaborative and creative activities. It successfully combines innovation with outdoor play, making it a must-have for parents and children alike.

From all of us at Parent and Child Magazine, we hope you enjoy this fun find and all the other discoveries that await!

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