Market Of Dreams And Destiny by Trip Galey

Market Of Dreams And Destiny by Trip Galey

Step into the peculiar world of the bazaar, where extraordinary events unfold and destiny hangs in the balance. Set amidst the vibrant backdrop of 19th-century London, this captivating historical fantasy debut takes readers on a thrilling journey beneath the bustling streets of Covent Garden. Drawing inspiration from beloved novels like Neverwhere and The Night Circus, this novel promises to enthrall fans of enchanting tales.

Beneath the surface of Covent Garden lies the Untermarkt, a clandestine realm where everything has its price. Within this clandestine world, one can acquire a lover’s first blush, a month filled with unflinching honesty, or even a flicker of fortune. In the depths of Untermarkt, Deri, once a child sold into servitude, has become an integral part of one of the Market’s most influential merchants. Years of diligent service have honed Deri’s skills, and now he senses an opportunity to not only secure his freedom but also ascend the ranks of the Market’s esteemed elite.

Fortune smiles upon Deri when he crosses paths with a desperate runaway princess seeking to sell her royal destiny. Yet, news of her disappearance spreads like wildfire. Suddenly, royal enforcers and ruthless Master Merchants are hot on their trail. To outwit these relentless pursuers would be challenging enough, but Deri’s predicament is further complicated by his blossoming affection for Owain, a young man employed by those who exploit the Market for their own dark purposes.

The price Deri must pay to sell the royal destiny, establish his own reputation, and rescue the man he loves is nothing short of immense. In a perilous race against time, the consequences of his actions could forever alter the course of London’s destiny.

A Market of Dreams and Destiny: Book Review & Cocktail Recipe

Welcome to Barcart Bookshelf, an article series about books and the inspiration they provide. In this post, we’ll be discussing “A Market of Dreams and Destiny” by Tripp Galley. Set in Victorian London, this fantasy romance follows two young men named Gary and Owen. Gary is an indentured servant to a goblin merchant in the underground market beneath London’s streets, while Owen serves in a workhouse in the city above. Their parallel situations make them the perfect match, like salt and pepper shakers. As the story unfolds, we are treated to a charming romance intertwined with fantasy elements. The novel explores the concept of destiny and introduces us to a market where intangible items are traded and valued. One of the princesses of the royal family even trades away her destiny, setting off a chain of events that captivate the characters and the readers alike.

Within this whimsical fairy tale world, the novel also delves into deeper themes such as labor rights and building a life for oneself. It is a delightful read that combines fun, excitement, and interesting ideas. While it may be a comforting read for the fall and winter, it stands out on its own, offering an atmospheric experience. At the core of the story are the characters of Gary and Owen, whose relationship beautifully fits together and adds to the overall charm of the book.

Now, let’s move on to the “Untermarkt” drink inspired by the fairy marketplace in the novel. To make the cocktail version, mix one ounce of cognac, half an ounce of black tea, one ounce of lemon cordial (a blend of lemon juice, sugar, and lemon oils), and one ounce of heavy cream. Add a few dashes of pay show bitters for a reddish-pink color and distinct flavors. Serve over ice in a cocktail glass for a frosty and frothy dessert cocktail. Those who prefer a mocktail can omit the cognac and increase the black tea to a full ounce.

“A Market of Dreams and Destiny” is currently available and I would like to thank the publisher, Titan Books, for providing me with an early copy. If you enjoy charming characters, a whimsical world, and a touch of romance, this book is definitely worth reading. Don’t forget to check out my social media links for more content and the written version of today’s recipe. Try the drink and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Like, share, and subscribe to help spread the word about “A Market of Dreams and Destiny” and Barcart Bookshelf. Cheers!

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