New Fight For Life : Roe, Race, And A Pro- Life Commitment To Justice by Benjamin Watson

New Fight For Life : Roe, Race, And A Pro- Life Commitment To Justice by Benjamin Watson

New Fight for Life: Roe, Race, and a Pro-Life Commitment to Justice is an impactful and motivating book that urges us to transcend the realm of political discourse and societal divisions. Authored by Benjamin Watson, ex-NFL player and VP of Strategic Relationships at Human Coalition, it presents a fresh perspective on advocating for the sanctity of life and proposes a novel approach that fosters human flourishing and comprehensive justice. Through this book, we can foster a society where the concept of abortion becomes inconceivable and unnecessary. Embrace the opportunity to acquire your own copy and actively participate in the battle for life.

Benjamin Watson’s Book: The New Fight for Life & Pro-Life Commitment

Hi, I’m Benjamin Watson, and I’m thrilled to share my latest book with you: The New Fight For Life. Whether you lean Progressive or Conservative, this book is packed with crucial information about what comes next after Roe v Wade. There is a bigger battle on the horizon. Now, you may be wondering why a man like me is writing a book on a subject that predominantly affects women. Well, as a husband, father, and concerned citizen, I deeply care about protecting life and ensuring that people have the opportunity to thrive.

My background as a former NFL player, Vice President of Human Coalition, and a speaker and supporter of the pro-life movement has shown me the power we each have to be a voice for the voiceless. Moreover, as a black man, I am keenly aware and deeply troubled by how abortion continues to affect young women and families, particularly in the black community.

Our goal should be to make abortion unnecessary and unthinkable. To achieve this, we must show love and support both for pre-born children and their mothers. Statistics clearly indicate that most women would choose to parent if their circumstances were different. Therefore, it is vital that we create a just society that offers new opportunities for human flourishing, especially where they have been unjustly taken away.

In this book, you will discover actionable steps beyond the realm of politics that you, as an individual, can take to fight for life. Together, let’s work towards making our world a fair and just place for everyone. Grab your copy of The New Fight For Life today from your favorite book retailer.

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