New Girl by Jesse Q Sutanto

New Girl by Jesse Q Sutanto

Author: Jesse Q Sutanto
View book: New Girl

From the bestselling author of The Obsession comes a thrilling new young adult novel that will captivate fans of Gossip Girl and Euphoria.

BuzzFeed has listed it as a highly anticipated thriller for 2022, while PopSugar has recognized it as the best YA book. Additionally, Netgalley considers it one of the most anticipated novels of the year.

Lia Setiawan is a girl who has always struggled to fit in. However, when she receives a full scholarship to the prestigious Draycott Academy due to her track skills, she is determined to make the most of it, despite feeling like an outsider.

On her very first day at Draycott, Lia witnesses a distressing incident: a girl being forcibly taken away by campus security. Strangely, the other students and teachers seem unfazed, leaving Lia feeling uncertain about what she has gotten herself into.

As Lia delves into the secrets of Draycott, she uncovers a web of deceit that involves a corrupt teacher, a seemingly flawless golden boy with hidden intentions, and a blackmailer who will stop at nothing to have her expelled. Amidst the mounting threats against her, Lia becomes wary of trusting anyone, especially when the danger escalates to a life-threatening level.

The New Girl: A Fast-Paced Thriller Review

Hello friends, I’m Heather. Welcome back to Belle’s Library. Today, I’ll be reviewing the book The New Girl by Jessie Q Sutanto. This book is set to release on February 1st, 2022, which is the same day this article is being published. Before we dive into the details of the book, be sure to click subscribe down below. You can also find me on Goodreads and Instagram if you’d like to connect and discuss books. Now, let’s talk about how this review will be structured.


The story revolves around Leah, who has been awarded a full scholarship to Draycott Academy for track. Despite feeling out of place on her first day, Leah witnesses a troubling incident involving a girl being dragged away by campus security. This event raises questions about the academy’s secrets, which include a blackmailer, a corrupt teacher, and unreliable friends.

Thoughts and Feelings

I found The New Girl to be a gripping and fast-paced thriller rather than a mystery. The author did an excellent job creating complex and questionable characters, leaving readers unsure of who to trust. The secrets and the toxic atmosphere of the school, fueled by factors like money and race, were well-portrayed. However, I would have appreciated more detailed description and atmosphere surrounding the school’s architectural features.

The pacing of the book was mostly well done, with a thrilling ride that kept me guessing until the end. Towards the latter part of the book, I did feel a slight slowdown, but it could be due to my excitement to uncover the truth. Overall, I rate The New Girl between three and a half to four stars.


If you enjoy fast-paced thrillers with elements of mystery, you will likely enjoy this book. Fans of Natalie D. Richards’ books may find The New Girl to be a good fit. The boarding school setting and the drama reminiscent of Gossip Girl also add to the book’s appeal. Additionally, if you appreciate stories filled with secret plots, deception, and exploration of the negative effects of social media, this book is worth checking out.

I highly recommend giving The New Girl a read. It’s a fun and engaging book that will keep you entertained. Let me know if you decide to pick it up. Leave an emoji down below, perhaps a knife emoji to match the cover. I hope you found this review helpful. Until next time!

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