New Guide To Skiing (Revised) by Martin Heckelman

New Guide To Skiing (Revised) by Martin Heckelman

Fat boys, carving skis, cross skis, and extreme shaped skis have revolutionized the world of alpine skiing. This bestselling classic has undergone a complete rewrite to explore the revolutionary nature of shaped skis and their appeal, especially to beginners.

The book is packed with over 300 specially commissioned color photographs, providing a step-by-step guide on how to execute turns and maintain control effortlessly in all conditions. Accompanied by clear text, this guide is perfect for a new generation of alpine skiers.

The New Guide to Skiing features more than eighty unique stop-action photographic sequences, revealing how to ski with greater ease, precision, and control while maximizing the performance of shaped skis. The book focuses on the newest and least stressful techniques, teaching skiers how to handle off-trail situations or deep powder. It also illustrates the eleven specific turns required to master challenging conditions such as ice and moguls.

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