New New Rules : A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass by Bill Maher

New New Rules : A Funny Look At How Everybody But Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass by Bill Maher

From bestselling author and host of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher’s new book of political riffs serves up a savagely funny set of rules for preserving sanity in an insane world. A follow-up to the “New York Times” bestselling “The New Rules,” “The New New Rules” delivers a series of hilarious, intelligent rants on everything from same-sex marriage to healthcare, from Republican agendas to celebrity meltdowns, with all the razor-sharp insight that has made Bill Maher one of the most influential comedic voices shaping the political debate today.

With another presidential campaign on the horizon and a stellar set of real-life characters to have fun with-“New Rule: If Charlie Sheen’s home life means he can’t have a TV show, then I say Newt Gingrich can’t be president”-this enlightening and important book may be the best thing you pretend to read all year.

Insanity in Our Approach: Fixing the Environment Requires a Change

It’s time to change our approach to environmental solutions. We can’t continue doing the same things and expecting different results, that’s the definition of insanity. Many of us may not be perfect environmentalists, but we shouldn’t be hypocrites either.

Take John Kerry, for example, who serves as our climate Czar. He flies in a private jet, which is like if the Secretary of Homeland Security smuggled drugs. Even at environmental conferences, people rely on jets. If hypocrisy could power TED talks, we wouldn’t need coal in 2021.

Speaking of coal, despite all the discussions and efforts, in 2019, 46 years after 1973, coal still accounted for 37% of global electricity generation. That’s just a 1% decrease from 1973. We need to do better.

Another pressing issue is the lack of progress in recycling plastics. Only 5% of plastic actually gets recycled. Those ubiquitous blue bins aren’t filled with bottles, they mostly contain…

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