Northeast Home Landscaping, 4th Edition : 54 Landscape Designs With 200 + Plants & Flowers For Your Region by Editors of Creative Homeowner

Northeast Home Landscaping, 4th Edition : 54 Landscape Designs With 200 + Plants & Flowers For Your Region by Editors of Creative Homeowner

Transform your backyard into a paradise with the 4th Edition of Northeast Home Landscaping. This acclaimed series of regional home landscaping books, brought to you by Creative Homeowner, offers 54 diverse landscape designs tailored specifically to your region. Discover over 200 native plants, as well as deer-resistant and drought-resistant species, ideal for the northeast region.

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to enhance 27 common landscape situations using the perfect combination of plants, flowers, and elements such as paths, fences, walls, arbors, and trellises. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, the step-by-step instructions and detailed plant descriptions will help you bring your gardening dreams to life.

Don’t miss out on this indispensable resource that has received numerous awards and continues to be a best-seller. Northeast Home Landscaping, 4th Edition is your key to taking your backyard to the next level.

Landscape Transformation: Saving Thousands by Eliminating Retaining Walls

I’m excited to share a project with you today that demonstrates thinking outside the box and saving a customer a significant amount of money. Instead of rebuilding a retaining wall, we came up with a creative solution that not only cut the budget nearly in half but also added value to the customer’s home.

Eliminating the Need for a Retaining Wall

Many people fall into the trap of assuming they must reinstall what is already in place. However, oftentimes the existing design is flawed or inadequate for their updated needs. In this case, we focused on eliminating the need for a retaining wall and instead opted for a different approach.

By cutting into the slope, we were able to transform the yard and create valuable extra space. This not only saved the customer the cost of rebuilding the retaining wall but also provided them with a backyard that added value to their home.

The Three Option Rule

When evaluating a project, it’s important to generate three unique options for the customer. The first option typically involves reinstalling what has already been done. The second option involves modifying the original design to eliminate flaws and make improvements. And finally, the third option is a completely unique approach that has no reflection of the existing design.

By considering these three options, contractors can open up possibilities for themselves and for customers who may have difficulty affording a project.

The Importance of Proper Evaluation

In this particular case, the customers unknowingly purchased a home in the winter, when the backyard was covered in snow. It wasn’t until spring arrived that they discovered failing retaining walls throughout their yard.

By adhering to the three-option rule, we evaluated the existing retaining walls and priced out the project. The costs for rebuilding the retaining walls alone came to over $40,000. However, it was when we came up with the third option that we had a breakthrough.

A New Solution: Gentle Slopes

Instead of installing retaining walls, we decided to eliminate every single one on the site. By importing enough fill soil and regrading the area, we were able to create gentle slopes and a flat yard off the back of the deck.

Comparing the costs per square foot, the expenses for engineering retaining walls, including geogrid reinforcement and permits, would have been almost double what we could achieve with our solution.

Win-Win Situation for the Customer

In the end, the customers not only saved over $20,000 but also gained a flat backyard and a sliding hill for their kids to enjoy. They got to keep their house and make valuable improvements without breaking the bank.

Success stories like these show that thinking creatively and offering unique solutions can lead to more satisfied customers and increased business opportunities. It’s time to step away from the status quo and embrace innovation in the construction industry.

Thank you for reading and best of luck in your future projects.

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