Out Of Nowhere by Sandra Brown

Out Of Nowhere by Sandra Brown

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown is back with an electrifying, heart-pounding thriller, where the lives of a young mother and a successful consultant intersect in a devastating event, igniting a relentless pursuit that will alter their destinies forever.

The scene is set at a lively county fair in Texas, with swirling carousels and a bustling midway. Children’s book author Elle Portman is relishing a rare outing with her beloved two-year-old son, Charlie, in the company of her favorite cowboy. However, their evening takes a horrifying turn as chaos erupts when a deranged shooter unleashes havoc upon the crowd. Panic ensues as everyone scrambles for safety.

Meanwhile, Calder Hudson, a confident and self-absorbed corporate consultant, becomes an unexpected victim caught in the crossfire. After undergoing an emergency surgery to treat his injured arm, Calder awakens in a hospital bed, bewildered and frustrated. The doctor informs him that he was fortunate to have survived the gunshot wound, unlike many others. Determined to seek justice for the victims, Calder’s determination burns fiercely.

When Elle and Calder cross paths at the police station, a powerful and unexplainable connection forms between them. As their magnetism intensifies, they find themselves questioning whether the profound tragedy that brought them together can truly be sustained, especially with the shooter still on the loose.

As the manhunt unfolds, Elle and Calder navigate through a web of emotions, haunted by the past and uncertain of the future. With danger lurking in the shadows, they face the ultimate challenge: to find solace in each other’s arms amid the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds them.

Thrilling Texas County Fair Manhunt

New York Times best-selling author Sandra Brown has released a gripping thriller that centers around the lives of a young mother and a successful consultant, whose paths intertwine in the midst of a tragic event at a Texas County Fair. Children’s book author L Portman is enjoying an evening at the fair with her two-year-old son when chaos erupts as a shooter opens fire into the crowd. Amidst the panic, L and the consultant, Calder Hudson, both find themselves caught up in the terrifying situation.

After undergoing emergency surgery following the shooting, Calder wakes up in the hospital and learns that he was lucky to survive. Filled with anger and determination for justice, Calder is motivated to track down the shooter. As L and Calder cross paths at the police station, they inexplicably feel drawn to one another. However, they can’t help but wonder if the tragedy that brought them together is too painful and complicated to sustain.

As their connection deepens, L and Calder grapple with their feelings amidst the ongoing search for the shooter who remains at large. Sandra Brown’s thriller takes readers on a heart-pounding journey filled with suspense, emotional intensity, and unexpected twists.

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