Owls : The Majestic Hunters by Stan Tekiela

Owls : The Majestic Hunters by Stan Tekiela

Discover the captivating world of owls with Owls: The Majestic Hunters. This remarkable compilation of photographs and information features the outstanding work of acclaimed wildlife photographer and author, Stan Tekiela. These majestic creatures are known for their silent flight, exquisite beauty, and enigmatic nature. Catching a glimpse of these birds is a rare occurrence that leaves a lasting impression. Owls: The Majestic Hunters delves into the intricate lives of these birds through exhaustive research and personal observations. From everyday activities such as hunting and sleeping, to pivotal moments like courtship and mating, Stan Tekiela has expertly documented the world of these raptors.

Divided into informative headings and presented in short, engaging paragraphs, Owls: The Majestic Hunters is a visually stunning and delightful read. It caters to bird enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and those who appreciate the wonders of nature. The book, elegantly bound in paper, is a true masterpiece that deserves a place in your collection.

Embark on an extraordinary journey into the captivating realm of owls with Owls: The Majestic Hunters. It is an invitation to explore the mystique and uniqueness of these remarkable creatures.

Livestream with Stan Tekiela: Migration, Birds, and Photography.

Good morning everyone! We are live from the Birdhouse, joined by the talented author Stan Tequila. We have a signed copy of his new book on hummingbirds to give away, and you can enter to win it by using the hashtag book in the comments. But before we announce the winner, let’s dive into our discussion with Stan.

Stan is known for his expertise in birdwatching and has written several field guides, including a popular one on birds of New York. He explains that updating field guides is crucial since names, ranges, and even the number of bird species can change over time. Many of his guides are decades old, so he’s always working to keep them up-to-date.

During the conversation, Stan and the host discuss various bird species and their behaviors. They highlight the Red-bellied Woodpecker, which has been thriving and spreading across the United States, while the Red-headed Woodpecker has experienced a drastic decline in population.

They touch on migration patterns and how birds are triggered to migrate by changes in daylight, not food availability. Stan emphasizes that birds have been migrating for millions of years and will continue to do so regardless of whether they are fed by humans or not. He explains that leaving food out for birds can actually help them build up their energy reserves for migration.

The conversation also covers bird photography and the transition from film cameras to digital cameras. Stan mentions the advantages of mirrorless cameras, such as improved focusing systems and the ability to shoot silently.

They address questions about the effects of hot pepper in birdseed, the adaptability of birds to fireworks, and the ability of birds to taste and smell. Stan discusses studies that challenge the traditional beliefs about birds’ reduced taste and smell abilities and suggests that more research is needed in these areas.

Towards the end, Stan mentions his upcoming photography workshops and his passion for capturing wildlife through his camera lens. He also mentions some of his other book projects, including ones on bears, wolves, and wild mushrooms.

As the conversation wraps up, the host announces the winner of the signed hummingbirds book, Susan Comstock. They thank everyone for attending and encourage supporting local bookstores. They also remind viewers to check out their website for more information on Stan’s workshops and book titles.

Overall, the conversation offers insights into the world of birdwatching, photography, and the fascinating behaviors of birds. It provides valuable information while maintaining an engaging and informal tone.

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