Items I’d Like To See In Book Subscription Boxes

If you’re in the online bookish community, you’ve likely seen or felt the burnout of item fatigue. Book subscription boxes have been around for a while so many of the items that are being sent out are starting to feel ‘overdone’. I know it’s got to be exhausting to be constantly thinking and producing new products. The companies and shops need to keep up with their reputation and try to stay ahead of the game.

I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some items I’d like to see sent in book subscription boxes. I’m not saying they’d be a new & novel item idea (I can’t possibly keep up with every single box out there) or they’d be useful for every subscriber (I don’t that’s possible for any box). It’s just a list of items that haven’t been done to death (candle, book sleeve, enamel pin, etc.).

It should go without saying that I mean I want these well designed (possibly working with a real artist). I don’t want something that looks like it’s been bought on Wish/AliExpress and had a decal thrown on it.

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I Need This Now: Aurora Rising

As a book box addict, I’m no stranger to bookish merch. I Need  This Now will hopefully be a feature where I show off some amazing book merchandise for books/series that get overlooked.

To celebrate Aurora Burning‘s release, today’s focus is Aurora Rising by by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.
Click on the photo to buy the beautiful product or take a closer look.

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Bookstagram 101: Partnerships

Bookstagram is about SO much more than ‘free stuff’. If that’s what you’re here for, you’re going to severly disappointed. You have to do a lot of work to get to the point where people are going to want to work with you.

Here are some of the opportunities in the bookstagram world.

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