Painting Central Park by Unknown author

Painting Central Park by Unknown author

Central Park in New York City is hailed as “one of the most magnificent creations in America,” serving as a muse for numerous renowned American painters. A plethora of influential artists, including Bellows, Chase, Glackens, Hassam, Henri, Hopper, Prendergast, and Sloan, have captured the park’s landscapes and vibrant activities throughout history. Even contemporary artists like Christo and Estes continue to draw inspiration from this iconic green space.

Their artwork encapsulates different eras of Central Park, featuring early depictions of its construction, iconic landmarks, ever-changing cityscape, and the park’s human element. These paintings not only portray scenes of bustling crowds engaged in playful activities but also individuals finding solace in solitary contemplation.

In essence, Painting Central Park offers a diverse and captivating visual record of this urban sanctuary. It serves as a powerful reflection of the American social experience within this quintessential American park.

Gilded Central Park Murders: A Tale of Mystery and Scandal

Hello, I’m Cecilia Tishi, and I’m here to discuss my mystery novel, “Murder Murder Murder in Gilded Central Park.” Why three repeats of murder? Because three young women have been brutally killed in Central Park from August to October in 1898. This book is part of my series, “The Val and Roddy Devere Gilded Series,” which takes place during the Gilded Age.

The Gilded Age, as named by Mark Twain in his novel, was a period filled with greed, corruption, and political and business struggles. Interestingly, if we search for the term “Gilded Age” today, we often find references to this very era. It’s worth exploring the first Gilded Age, which lasted from 1870 to the early 1900s, as a backdrop to the mysteries and murders we encounter in my book.

Meet the characters:

Valentine Mackel Devere, also known as Val, is a silver heiress from the wild West. She grew up in Colorado mining camps with her father and has a unique upbringing. Eventually, Val moves to Virginia City, Nevada, a once prosperous city in America, where she lives with her wealthy father.

Meanwhile, the Devere family from New York, who have fallen on hard times due to poor investments, are hoping to regain their fortune. They bring their son, Roderick (Roddy), who has a hidden passion for cocktails, an innovative invention of the Gilded Age. Roddy is a lawyer by day but also a sought-after mixologist known for creating signature cocktails for resorts, steamships, and railroads. In court, he defends drinking establishments against the temperance movement in the United States. Roddy and Val fall in love, get married, and move to New York, where they reside on Fifth Avenue.

The strangler in Central Park:

Living right on Fifth Avenue, the Deveres are disturbed when a serial killer starts targeting young women in Central Park. These victims are usually working-class girls who don’t have constant escorts. While ladies of higher social standing are always accompanied, these young women are left unprotected. As the news fills the papers, Roddy predicts that the Central Park Strangler will become the talk of the city. Little do they know that this scandal will eventually hit close to their home.

Challenges and decisions:

One morning, as Roddy and Val discuss their plans for the day, Val realizes she has nothing significant on her agenda. As a married woman in society, Val finds herself without purpose, despite her eventful summer in Newport. However, unbeknownst to them, unforeseen events will soon unfold, presenting a challenge that will test their resolve. They will face a critical decision that they could never have anticipated.

Join me inside the pages of my novel, “Murder Murder Murder in Gilded Central Park,” as we delve into the thrilling mystery of who is behind the heinous murders in Central Park. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

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