Pale House Devil by Richard Kadrey

Pale House Devil by Richard Kadrey

A gripping, fast-paced tale of supernatural horror by a renowned expert in the genre, this book follows the exploits of two detectives with a unique twist. Ford and Neuland, paranormal mercenaries, have a special skill set; one is alive and hunts undead creatures, while the other is undead and takes care of the living. Seeking refuge after a botched job in New York, they find themselves in the wild west. It is there that they are approached by Tilda Rosenbloom, a young woman representing Shepherd Mansfield, a bitter old landowner. Mansfield wants them to rid his ancestral mansion in remote northern California of a terrifying cosmic monster.

As Ford and Neuland delve into their investigation, they stumble upon a dark history lurking within the walls of the mansion. Blood, sacrifice, and a long-standing legacy of slavery have tainted the house. Their mission takes a dangerous turn when they encounter a creature more formidable than anything they have encountered before. In their pursuit of the monster, they soon realize that the true horror may not be the one they originally set out to banish.

Perfect for enthusiasts of Cassandra Khaw, Charles Stross, and Lucy A. Snyder, this atmospheric creature feature will keep readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning the pages to uncover the terrifying truth hidden within the haunted mansion.

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