Performance Paradox : Turning The Power Of Mindset Into Action by Eduardo Briceño

Performance Paradox : Turning The Power Of Mindset Into Action by Eduardo Briceño

Discover the groundbreaking methods for achieving personal and team success by effectively managing the delicate balance between learning and performing. This revolutionary guide, written by a renowned expert in growth mindset, will provide you with the necessary tools and insights to excel in a rapidly changing world.

According to Carol Dweck, the bestselling author of “Mindset,” this book is an essential read for fostering learning, performance, and a growth mindset. It comes highly recommended, and is a must-read for members of the Next Big Idea Club.

In order to thrive in today’s fast-paced society, it is crucial for individuals and companies alike to cultivate a culture of growth. This entails encouraging experimentation, providing feedback, and integrating learning into our daily routines. However, many of us find ourselves trapped in a vicious cycle of habits that hinder our progress. This phenomenon is known as the Performance Paradox.

By solely focusing on our performance, we neglect the necessary space for growth and improvement. So, how can we strike a balance between delivering high-level results and fostering personal growth? Eduardo Briceño, CEO of Mindset Works and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, has dedicated his career to answering this question.

In his book, “The Performance Paradox,” Briceño unveils a step-by-step approach to:

  • Avoid getting stuck in the chronic performance trap that hinders growth
  • Recognize the power of mistakes and utilize them as valuable learning opportunities
  • Embed learning into our daily habits in a sustainable manner
  • Lead teams that continuously improve and surpass their targets
  • Simultaneously enhance our skill level and output in the long run

Briceño firmly believes that we have the potential to achieve more tomorrow than we do today. However, in order to unlock this potential, we must embrace the belief that change is possible and equip ourselves with the competence to make it happen. With his innovative and refreshing framework for balancing learning and performing, individuals and companies can reach their highest aspirations.

The Performance Paradox: Turning Mindset into Action

Welcome to Partnering Leadership! I am excited to have you join this conversation with me. I am thrilled to have Eduardo Briceño, the author of “The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action,” as my guest. Eduardo is not only a thought leader on growth mindset, but he also lives it. In this article, we will delve into Eduardo’s upbringing and how it influenced him, the importance of growth mindset in the business world, and the balance between the Learning Zone and the Performance Zone.

Eduardo’s Upbringing and Its Impact

Eduardo grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, in a high middle-class family. His parents prioritized him and his sister, providing them with various lessons and activities. This gave him a sense of safety and unconditional love, but it also made him feel overprotected and lacking agency and entrepreneurship skills until he became an adult.

Additionally, Eduardo realized later in life the privilege he had as a straight, cisgender man with a light skin tone. This realization led him to reflect on the importance of using his advantages to create positive change. His father also instilled in him the value of hard work, but it led him down a path without a clear sense of purpose or interest in making an impact on others.

The Importance of Growth Mindset in the Business World

Growth mindset is relevant for individuals and teams in any stage of life. Eduardo shares his personal experience of going through a crisis at the age of 27, which made him realize the importance of making life count and finding a sense of purpose. He then discovered Carol Dweck’s work on growth mindset, particularly how his fixed mindset had hindered his goals in the past.

Eduardo highlights the performance paradox, which is the counterintuitive idea that solely focusing on performance can actually lower results. The key is to find a balance between performance and learning. He gives examples like athletes who focus on performing during a match but then work on improvement and learning during practice.

The Balance Between the Learning Zone and the Performance Zone

Many leaders express concern about encouraging a growth mindset and learning from mistakes while still meeting the expectations of high-stakes situations. Eduardo emphasizes the importance of context and understanding when it is appropriate to play it safe and when it is appropriate to try new things and take risks.

He explains the four different types of mistakes: stretch mistakes (necessary for growth), high-stakes mistakes (to be minimized), sloppy mistakes (to be addressed lightly), and “aha” moment mistakes (leading to powerful learning). By understanding these different types of mistakes, leaders can create systems that allow for both performance and learning.

Overcoming Resistance to Growth Mindset

Resistance to growth mindset can arise due to ingrained beliefs and societal biases. Eduardo recommends leaders make their growth mindset explicit and involve their teams in conversations about culture and the type of behaviors they want to foster. By creating alignment and opt-in from team members, leaders can support and hold each other accountable for growth and improvement.

Growth Mindset and Technological Advancements

Eduardo emphasizes the importance of growth mindset in embracing and driving technological advancements. A growth mindset allows individuals and teams to adapt to change, learn, and experiment with new technologies. It also enables individuals to reinvent themselves at a faster pace in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Recommended Resources

Eduardo recommends Carol Dweck’s book, “Mindset,” as a foundational read on growth mindset. He also suggests Angela Duckworth’s book, “Grit,” which explores the importance of perseverance and passion in achieving long-term goals.

Connect with Eduardo Briceño

To learn more about Eduardo Briceño and his book, you can visit his website,, where you will find information about the book, a preview of the first few pages, and an opportunity to sign up for his newsletter. Eduardo is also active on LinkedIn, where he engages with his network and shares valuable insights.

It was a pleasure to have Eduardo Briceño as my guest on Partnering Leadership. His book, “The Performance Paradox,” offers practical strategies and insights into how individuals and organizations can adopt a growth mindset and thrive in today’s world. Remember, growth mindset is a journey, and we can all embark on it to become our best selves.

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